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So sorry for your loss.
So, I guess I'm here! After days of squinting at nearly-invisible lines, I got a positive on a digital test. Nothing like the word "Pregnant" staring you in the face to convince you that this might be really real after all :) EDD: March 19 Your Name: Shannon Age: 31 State or Country: PA How long it took to yo u to get your BFP: We weren't trying. We were planning to have more, but figured we would get married first. We got "carried away" on our...
A charge of $300.00 is probably not for the delivery. That charge would probably be along the lines of  $1000.00 - $2000.00.   I am thinking the first "Medical Visit" is your hospital admission, and the second is your discharge. The "surgery" is probably the delivery, even though was not actually a surgery. Of course that is just for the professional services of the OB. You are probably right that the $9000.00 bill  is for the hospital.   The OB should not bill...
As a medical biller, here is my take on it. It sounds like that particular charge was billed by the OB. Any hospital visit related to the delivery is included with the delivery fee, regardless of whether it is billed as a global OB package or as delivery alone. The OB will not (or should not) hold you accountable for the charge because it is not billable service. They are not letting anyone off the hook for the bill here, don't worry.   I would be inclined to...
I mostly want to know if I have a "calling" or if there is any particular career that I will find fulfilling.
And is school in February the best next step?   Thank you!!
AF showed up yesterday with a vengeance! Worst period in a very long time. At least it's a definitive answer! Thanks so much for all the advice.
Adamsmama, have you tested yet? That definitely sounds like something is happening! I tested last night, BFN. Should have waited for FMU, but the thought of finding out and then having to get the kids ready and rush off to work was not pleasant. I had a lower backache last night, and some cramping. A little pink CM, right at my cervix. I was thinking AF was coming, but nothing yet. Ugh.
Thank you so much for your replies! I didn't take it long enough to call it a pattern, but I there was a delay both months between the last active pill and the withdrawal bleed. I think that's what's throwing me off. I didn't think it worked that way, and I posted a question about it the first month. Now that I actually count back, it seems that my last active pill was July 2. I was on Yaz, which I believe has 24 active pills and 4 placebos. I dropped one this month,...
Hmm... if I had ovulated right away, wouldn't I have seen AF by now? I am more worried that I ovulated 2 weeks after stopping the pill, rather than two weeks after the withdrawal bleed started (which I thought was CD 1, but I'm not entirely sure). I'm pretty familiar with my body. I've been here since 2003, and I've learned a lot! It's just when I add synthetic hormones to it that I get confused Thanks for sharing your story. I can't say it's encouraging, though
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