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Thank you both for sharing your thoughts and experiences
Yes I wish I didn't have to work, but we're dependant on the income to pay the bills. My DH prefers to be at home and has always been reluctant to go anywhere with babies and young toddlers without me. But I'm hoping he'll make an exception this time.
Has anybody done this successfully?  D is 9 mon and had never had a bottle. He's been EBF but eats a wide variety of solids in good amounts. So far he will only drink water from a straw that I'm holding a finger on the end of. I've tried a straw sippy.  I'm going back to work very part time when he's 12 mon (one 8hr and one 4hr shift a week). He'll be with DH. I'm hoping he can get to the point where he'll accept a bottle of cows milk from DH for comfort when I'm not...
My first was a c-section and I never got to pushing. My second was a VBAC and I pushed for 45 min. My third (2nd VBAC) I pushed for 20 min
A good epsom salt soak in the tub might help.
I agree with Katelove.  Your money would be much better spent on a carrier that would last longer.  But if you want to try a stretchy wrap now (they're great for newborns), I'd check out thrift shops or Craigslist.  I've seen them used for as low as $20.  Or like researchparent said you can easily make one.  There may be a local babywearing group near you where you could try out different carriers.  Check Facebook
I'm would probably be considered one of those 'icky' parents you speak of.  I have a lot of social anxiety and am often perceived as 'odd' despite my best efforts not to be.  My 6 YO is really struggling at school to makes friends because of it and it breaks my heart.  I feel like I'm not crunchy enough to fit in with the crunchy club but I'm no where near main stream either.  I don't fit into any sort of box at all. I am doing my best to come out of my shell and find a...
I wouldn't unless she child proofed it some how. Are there covers strong enough for a toddler not to fall through that they wouldn't be able to remove? I'm totally clueless about pool equipment. I can sympathise. My MIL lives in a 4th story condo and has furniture right by the railing of her balcony my toddler loves to climb on. She complains when I move it and doesn't understand why I won 't let her watch him there. I just flat out told her it's not happening unless...
And good to see another BC coast mama here. I'm in Victoria
My younger two had an older sibling sleeping in the same bed from birth. I just made sure I was sleeping between them. It's a bit tricky with nursing when I need to switch sides. I can only fall asleep nursing on one side
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