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I have started getting sporatic sciatic pain. Anyone else? Its such a nuisance!!
The copper IUD is definitely not 99.9% effective, the mirena is up around 99% but the copper is lower than that. I will have to check the stats.
I plan on changing my office/studio to a baby room so I want to have that painted and more or less set up with my studio set up in the basement around 36 weeks. I will stop taking jewellery orders at the end of May. So I will have about 2 weeks to clean and relax. My mom is coming on June 9th, the day before my due date. Obviously I am not planning on going into labor early! 
I am hoping to spend more time in birth pool this time but it all depends on how I feel. I really wasn't into it last time. I ended up giving birth on my knees leaning on a pile of pillows on my bed, the only drawback from that position was I didn't get to see the birth because my face was buried in the pillows and then I had to flip around before I could see him. I started out pushing in a full squat but it was too intense so I switched to my knees. 
For me if I had to do an emergency transfer, my midwives would call the obstetric department to let them know we are coming and what the problem was, so yeah they would have an ob waiting to do a c-section if necessary.
If people start to get too anti, I just nod and smile and let it slide or say "excuse me I have to.....(whatever)" and walk away! Its not worth the energy for me to argue with people like this. 
(During labor only)I listen to all kinds of stuff in real life!
Only super chill music for me anything with words or too upbeat makes me want to jump out a window!
I didn't really crave anything so far but recently I have been craving raw red pepper, and lots of fruit, where as earlier in the pregnancy I didn't want to eat fruit at all. 
Seriously! I couldn't button my jeans at like 10weeks! haha
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