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I'm so upset by this. :( Rebirth....do we have any way of checking this out with the post office?  
Well no good reasons, I agree, but there are definitely reasons! But to explain those reasons you have to bust into the history of a people...religion, the intersection of religion with politics and so on...and those things are too deep and too wicked to try and put into a four year olds head. I look forward to exploring things with her when she is old enough, though. How old is your daughter and how old was she when you first started talking "societal norm"??
Girl: Mama, why can't mamas go without a shirt like men can?   Me: Baby, they can if they want to...but most ladies like to keep something over their breasts because they are sensitive.   That sounds like it just about cuts the mustard and I betcha it will suffice until she's older and can grasp such concepts as "a lot of women would be embarrassed" or "people would think they were weird and try to shame them" or whatever.
You know I actually was just reminded by a friend on FB (where I also posted this link) that we recently made it legal in my state for women to be topless as well! Well. Huh. Sweet!  
Thank you so much for these words...this is what I'm trying to figure out, I think. Where is the line between "my opinion" and "our values"? I don't want her to ask a simple question and get a whole crazy monologue about MY personal opinions..on the other hand, we have the values we have and it's important to me that she understands that I personally DON"T think women should be prohibited from walking around shirtless, you know?    So I think that at this age, you're...
Yeah, she's a very smart girl. Her vocab is insane for her age. Counting...yeah, whatever, she couldn't care less about numbers right now or counting or any of that. But reading, writing, words, human behavior, science and the human body...OBSESSED. Good thing we homeschool because I think this girl would drive a teacher nuts (in the best possible way, but still!).
Yeah "it's not nice" - ahhhhhhhhhh!! Facepalm! It's so frustrating to have such a bright young lady who is, like her mama, totally fascinated by society, human behavior and the "whys" of the "rules" we are told to live by....because she asks questions about things that she is not entirely ready to hear the truth about...but she KNOWS when she is not getting the full truth! Hahaha.   Like when she asked me "Do cops always arrest only bad people? Why did they pull Dada...
So my daughter asked me this and the conversation didn't really go anywhere because we were in the middle of something and she was distracted, etc. but it's going to come back, I know it! This article: http://www.thestar.com/news/world/article/1215607--breast-cancer-survivor-wins-right-to-swim-topless-in-seattle ...reminded me of the conversation this morning and made me want to think more about how I explain something which I do not really understand,...
Hahahah look at us, cross posting!
Yeah vestibule is frakkin' gross!! A vestibule is a small room I go into to pull cash out of an ATM...it has terrible carpeting and smells slightly of urine. No no, we shall not be calling our lady cats "vestibules" around here!   Oh and I, too, decided against a google search of the word "cunt"...what with the risk of pulling up viruses...but couldn't help myself and settled on throwing in "etymology" in hopes that I would bring up a "cleaner" search! Well it...
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