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Oh sweetheart. I remember that so hard with my son...just holding him and crying and crying. :( I'm so worried about you...about all of you who are feeling so alone. That is a terrible, terrible feeling. So many of us understand and are here for you. <3<3
OKay well I disagree with your MW about the GBS test. I mean, you have to do what you want to do...but for me (a person who does almost NO testing in pregnancy - seriously, I test for GBS and I do pee sticks at my MWs center. Period.) the GBS is just kind of a no-brainer. It takes two seconds to collect the material to be tested, just a quick swab that I have done myself all three times. Insurance pays for it. The results come quickly and will most likely be...
nak congratulations!! that sounds like a perfect birth!! I love the name!  
You look INCREDIBLE mama!!
Couldn't read and run!   My brother did this CONSTANTLY as a kid. He always and forEVER had his hand on his penis (over his clothes) just holding it...almost like a security blanket. This drove my mother up a wall and she didn't understand it at all because he was the only boy, the other three of us are girls and we didn't have a penis to hold so we didn't. She figured it was normal, other people told her it was...so she encouraged him not to (in the same way you...
I love the name! He LOOKS like an Anders!
Okay of COURSE that shirt totally, totally bummed you out! Are you serious? Oh man! Honey, you've GOT to be honest with your partner about how you are feeling, the shirt....everything! If he is going to be able to support you the way you need support, he has to know how truly shitty you are feeling. I'm so sorry you are in this state. After the birth of my second, I was here...deeply, deeply "here". I totally know how it feels (many, many mamas here do) and I'm so...
I found it at my favorite consignment store, barely used, for nothing! haha It's just one of those Babies-r-Us ribbed ones..it's really comfortable, but it's not a true girdle style belly binder. I wanted to do a whole "real deal" binding...but whatever. Hahha...I lost patience in finding the right one, blah blah, so I just stuck with this one and it's honestly been great. My belly doesn't look flatter or anything this time, but I didn't really expect it to.
Sorry it's so big you guys..holy shit. I have to resize that!  
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