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Somebody had the idea to post PP belly shots, so I went ahead and took a picture and have decided to be brave and post it! I'm not too unhappy with how I look...I'm not big on working out, so it helps that I don't mind a bit of flabby belly! Hahaha...anyway. I am using a belly binding thingie this time and so far I don't notice a difference in the way I look, but I notice a huge difference in the way FEEL! It's so nice to have my guts held in this time...I highly...
Holy cow!! That is a forEVER labor! What a big boy! He's  beauty, mama..congratulations!!  
My GOD woman!! What a fucking story!! That is INCREDIBLE! I'm just, completely blown away...I can't believe how crazy that story was. You must have been so scared, my sweet lady....I was thinking about you being in the ambulance, gushing blood, rock hard belly and not being able to feel movement...oh my god. I would have just melted down I think.   Well, you're little baby girl gave you a wild ride, but she's here and you got your VBAC...thank goodness for kind...
Haha, well....she's a week old today and we have finally named our baby girl!   Fiona Josephine M.   Just thought I'd let you girls know!
YAY! What a great story!  
Congratulations mama...awesome job!  
Awww! I love that name and his picture is SO cute! What a face on that kid! He's handsome <3   I'm so glad you are feeling well...hope his weight loss hasn't been too bad!  
I'm so excited! YAY! Holy crap BOYS are raining on us!!  
Oh man, I'm sorry for this kink, but I betcha anything it's moved in time for your HB to go off without a hitch! Congratulations for a healthy baby...and happy pregnancy and birth to you. <3  
Hahahaha...they SHOULD be terrified! This shit is REAL! Apparently, babies can just come flying out of you with little to no notice!! Hahahahah. Oh our poor DH's...this is all so raw and strange for them. Bless them, every one! Hahahaha. You should all instruct your husbands to carry nets with them wherever they go, so that they can be ready to catch a baby that slips out of you with no notice. Tell them to just wait for a sloshing sound and a grimace on your face....
New Posts  All Forums: