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Haha, I love this! That is too cute! So, I guess three isn't THAT crazy, huh?   I am the eldest of four and my DH is the eldest of three....so it's not like we came from "only" households or anything. I always thought I would have a whole troop of kids, but I married a dude who wanted one....so, my second - DS, was a true gift from him because he knew how badly I wanted a second. I had totally and completely put it out of my mind that I would have more and have been...
Haha CelticQueen, yeah! I'm so hoping for another labor like the last two....I had the two most lovely births and I really hope for one more beautiful homebirth! Having that time to prepare really was nice. I was hiking, cleaning, eating...but not sleeping, which is what I plan to do this time (but won't do at all). Haha YAY birth!
Haha, thanks for the welcome and yeah, I totally know what you mean. That's what I told DH....I was like "Dude, you totally know what's going to happen...we;re going to be all stressed about adding another and then we'll blink and it'll be two years from now and we won't remember what it was like not having this third awesome kid!!"  - I keep hanging on to that, because I know it's true.   He is less convinced.
Still picking my jaw up off the ground.....but sane enough today, to come join in over here.   I am due June 3rd. This was the opposite of a planned pregnancy!! But...three days in to knowing that I will soon have three children, I'm getting pretty happy about the news. I can't believe I'm going to be nursing again soon (my extremely "high needs" DS just weaned himself after a really challenging two years). We need a new car. I'm so tired. Things are going to be...
Oh mama, I'm so sorry for your stress. ((((((Hugs)))))) That's gotta be so hard. Trust me, you are NOT a bad mother at ALL...the very fact that you are here, venting your frustrations and concerns and asking for help in making a shift...is pretty much all the proof in the world anyone would need that you are a concerned, involved mama.   She and you BOTH may really benefit, while you are struggling like this, with a small, Montessori type program three days a week...
I very rarely print. I very often send hand written notes. I hoard stationary and love nothing more than receiving a hand written note (my brother and mother and I correspond regularly).   My kids will home-learn cursive first. It makes me sick that so many kids aren't even learning cursive anymore. :(
OP I'm sorry you had such a weird situation with your FIL.....but I really don't know what you want your DH to do?? You stepped in, listened to your gut and avoided a troubling situation for your DS....to me, that is the end of the story. You were a good parent. You protected your kid from CERTAINLY yuckiness and possibly actual victimization...and that is very good.   You are not going to get some long, deep conversation with FIL about how wrong he was and how he's...
First labor: water broke....then, 30 hours of nothing....then, active labor was on me like crazy, very suddenly, 1 hour and 57 minutes later, I was holding a baby.   Second labor: water broke....then, 28 hours of nothing...then, active labor, again, on me suddenly and strong, 1 hour and 37 minutes later, holding a baby.    
I also live thirty minutes from Concord....WELCOME MAMA!! <3
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