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Best thing about babywearing???? Kissing my baby's head of course!
Hi, my almost 5 year old has pinkeye. It's not a serious case although I suppose it could get worse, but right now it seems pretty mild. Since most pinkeye are viral and not bacterial, I've decided not to take him to the Dr. immediately and just treat at home with breastmilk. My question is, how long is pinkeye contagious? Once the symptoms are gone, does that mean it's not contagious anymore? Thanks, Christine
What is rescue remedy?  
Thanks for the support! Hopefully, I'll get some good suggestions here. :)
Hi everyone, I have an 4 1/2 month old baby boy and just last week he's decided he's going to cry whenever he's in the car. Moving or stopped, it doesn't matter - he keeps crying. But it's not the car seat itself because he's fine once I move him out of the car so nothing is hurting him or causing him discomfort with the car seat (as far as I can tell anyway). I've tried everything - made sure he wasn't hungry, made sure his diaper was dry, gave him familar toys, gave...
Thanks for the replies! I started using them for my almost 4 month old and what a difference!!!! :)  
I have an almost 4 month old who is experiencing teething pain. I used teething tablets with my first son but heard there was a big recall a while back. Are they safe to use now?   Thanks, Christine
did you have to keep taking it the whole time you breastfed? Or were you able to wean off of it and produce enough milk yourself? What usually happens? I'm taking the Motherlove supplement right now and just wondering what to expect.   Thanks, Christine
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