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I take the papaya enzymes with dinner to try to stop it before it starts. Mine is only really bad at night when I lay down, so I also sometimes use an extra pillow under my shoulders to keep me more upright while I'm sleeping.
  It's because the material, especially the plastic pieces and fabric straps, wear out overtime.  They get constant use and are exposed to cold and hot temperatures while sitting in the car, so you want to retire them before any of those parts fail.
Some of the online cloth diaper stores do trials where they send you a few types of diapers to try for a month or two.  You keep what you want and send back what doesn't work for you.  I'd highly recommend looking into that if you'd like to be able to evaluate them in-person.  If you can find a natural baby store in your area that sells cloth diapers, that would be a good resource too.  I know the one that we used to live near would do a cloth diaper class one evening a...
Hi Mommas,   I'm freaking out a bit today and just need a place to vent.  We found out yesterday that DH will be deploying for a year this summer.  We don't have all the details yet, so we haven't told anyone in real life.  I can handle being pregnant with him gone and even the birth without him, but the thought of those first few months alone with a toddler and a new born has me worried.  The likelihood of him deploying with his current job was so small, that this...
We had our scan last Thursday and found out that we're expecting a baby boy!  I'm so excited, but also a little nervous to have to learn all of the nuances of raising a boy.  We did a little interview video with DD where we had her talk about going to the doctor and getting to see pictures of her baby brother.  We posted the video on our blog as a way to announce the sex to family and friends.  It was a big hit with everyone, and it was nice to be able to include DD in...
I'm right there with you!  I'm almost 19 weeks, and it seems to be getting a little better, but I still cry at just about everything.  I just go with it.  Luckily I work from home, so I don't have to worry about bursting into tear in public all that often, but it almost happened at lunch with DD today.
  lol!  I love this idea!
Oki, if you're a dependent and you don't like who they've assigned you to, you can always look into switching to Tricare Standard.  You can choose which ever provider you want, although there are some compromises (you may have to pay co-pays and I think you have to stay on Standard for a year).  It's something to consider, though.  There's no way I would deliver where Tricare wants me to, but I luckily have insurance through my work that I'm able to use.
Oki, thinking of you.   afm, I am an utter and complete weepy mess.  I probably cry 5 or 6 times a day...at anything and everything.  A song on the radio, a commercial, or even reading one of DD's books can set me off.  Is it possible to become dehydrated from crying?  lol
I tried eating a snack with some protein right before bed, and it might have helped a little.  I woke up 3 different times last night, but each time I was able to fall back to sleep pretty quickly.  I also slept better the one day I felt like working out last week, so maybe I'll try to drag my sleepy butt to the gym.  lol
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