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Anyone else spending nights staring at the ceiling?  It seems like every night I wake up between 2 and 3 am, and then I'm wide awake for 2 hours.  I manage to fall back asleep for an hour or two before DD1 is up for the day.  I am dragging.  Any ideas to be able to get some sleep?
That was my very first pregnancy symptom last pregnancy, and the super-human sense of smell is back with this one.  The other day the person in the car in front of me at a stop light was smoking, and I was gagging in the car the whole time.  Yuck!  I do remember it getting better in the 2nd trimester last time.
I hit 12 weeks the past weekend, and man has this been a crazier pregnancy than my first one.  The wanting-to-puke-all-the-time feeling is finally gone, but I still don't have much of an appetite.  We've also been through the flu, 2 rounds of ear infections for DD, and 1 sinus infection for me.  Just as we were all starting to feel better, I threw out my back and ended up in the ER!  I'm looking forward to a much quieter 2nd trimester!  Hope everyone's been having an...
I'm so sorry, momma.    Take care of yourself.
How's everyone feeling today?  I'm much more at ease after my appointment yesterday.  I got an ultrasound and got to see that tiny heart just beating away.  They saw something that might be a blood clot that formed at implantation that could be causing the spotting, but they don't know for sure.  They said everything looks good so far, though!  I'm feeling confident enough to start telling people finally.
But that's the thing...the only way to know if you're a carrier or not is to do the blood test.  That's how I found out.    
Everyone has to make their own decision, but I have some personal experience with this.  There is NO history of any genetic issues in my family or my husband's family, but I am a Cystic Fibrosis carrier.  I got tested while we were trying to conceive DD1.  Our best friends were pregnant with their first and found out that she had Cystic Fibrosis.  There was also no history of it in either of their families even though they are BOTH carriers.  The CF diagnosis didn't...
  Hang in there, momma!
Awesome!  That's just about one of the best feelings in the world!
colta...keep us updated on your beta!  I'm hoping for good things for you (and everyone else too!)!!!   I'm still spotting.  It's been happening for so many days now that it's my new normal, and not nearly as disconcerting.  That sounds really weird, but it's like I'm kind of numb to it now.  I'm supposed to call the OB I was referred to on Wednesday to see when I can get an appointment, but I think I'm going to call Tuesday morning on the off chance that they've...
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