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Hi Ladies!  Congrats to everybody!  I'm due October 1st with my 2nd.  DD1 was born in Oct 2009, so we must have been in the same DDC before, Caitlyn!   We're in the middle of moving/unpacking, and I'm definitely already noticing some that first trimester exhaustion.  I hope everyone else is feeling well!
  We'd been trying for about 6 months this time.  to you!
Can anyone recommend a midwife who attends home births in Anne Arundel county?  We are in the process of moving there from Washington State and just found out that we're expecting #2!
This was my second cycle taking Soy Isoflavones, and I just got my BFP yesterday!   A little background...I have PCOS and ovulate really late or not at all on my own (day 30 or later).  My luteal phase is also usually only 8 or 9 days.  I had to take Clomid for 2 cycles to get pregnant with DD1.   I did some research and decided to try soy isoflavones since Clomid had worked so well for me.  The first cycle, I took it on days 5 - 9 and slowly increased the dose...
Thanks everyone! I can't wait to see pictures of all of the adorable little ones that you ladies are cooking!
I don't have any first hand experience, but I couldn't read this and not reply. Huge s to you momma. What an incredible thing you are doing for your ds, breastfeeding despite being in so much pain. There is some information about recurrent mastitis here. I've found a lot of great info on this site. Also, it sounds like you're having some oversupply issues. Could the frequent pumping be contributing to that? The link above has some good info on dealing with...
I've been MIA for a bit, but I wanted to check in and say Congratulations to Julia'sMom and I hope everyone is having wonderful, uneventful pregnancies! AF returned a few days ago, which was very suprising since my dd nurses around the clock still. My only hope is that maybe pregnancy has regulated my cycles a bit (I have PCOS and didn't ovulate regularly on my own before getting pregnant). Being a part of the Infertility board was invaluable to me while TTC, but it...
Quote: Originally Posted by Norasmomma Maybe it's something in the water(I see your from WA state too) ha-ha. They should do a public service announcement or something! ha ha I was totally not expecting fertility to return this quickly. My only consolation is that maybe this means that pregnancy has regulated my cycle somewhat. I have PCOS and ovulated infrequently on my own before getting pregnant. I needed Clomid to conceive.
I got mine 2 days ago. I was not pleased...DD is still nursing non-stop.
I think what you're going through is totally normal. I had several days where I would burst into tears for no reason at all. I'm guessing that it's just all of the crazy hormone changes going on right now. I chalked it up to baby blues, and started feeling more like my old self in a few days.
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