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Congratulations!!!! Welcome to the world, A.J.!
Congratulations!!! I love her name!
s to you, Momma. That's a crummy situation to be in. Everything I've read has said that weight estimates based on ultrasounds can be way off. I wonder if you can find some research on that and show it to your OBs? I'm sending you lots and lots of labor vibes and hoping you go into labor on your own before 39 weeks.
Quote: Originally Posted by joyakshi I want to wait til next week for the full moon and for an Oct. b'day. I'm really curious to see how many babies the full moon brings us.
Congratulations!! Welcome to the world, Liam!
Oh, I love all that hair!!! Congratulations to you!!!!
Hi ladies! I thought I'd give this thread a little bump. How's everyone doing? We've had a couple of tense days, but things turned out ok. I just got home from an ultrasound to check my amniotic fluid levels. There were some concerns about low levels, but everything looked perfect! We even got to see our little bean happily sucking on her thumb. It was so nice and reassuring. I can't believe that we get to meet her in person in a few weeks. It feels like we've...
I just got back from the ultrasound, and my fluid levels look great! It was also kind of nice to get another peek at our little lady. She was sucking her thumb the whole time...just prescious. She also has these really full little lips and chubby cheeks already. I see the MW today, so I'm guessing she'll probably do a blood draw and see if my iron levels have come up at all. I definitely feel more energetic, so I'm hoping that the supplements are working.
Glad to hear that you're home...welcome to the world Little One!
So, I posted a while ago about switching from an OB and hospital birth to a midwife at a birth center for this pregnancy. I've found a midwife that I really like, and after my first couple of appointments I'm positive that I made the right decision. After going over my records, she was shocked that the OBs hadn't put me on an iron supplement. She started me on a liquid supplement based on my lab results way back at 7 weeks and ordered a blood test to see where my levels...
New Posts  All Forums: