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I'm so jealous!!! I'll be working right up until I go into labor. I telecommute from home, so it's not terrible, but it's really hard to focus sometimes. Also, I think because my coworkers don't see my gigantic belly everyday that they forget I'm pregnant and expect me to be my usual super-effecient self.
I still have tons to do, but I'm getting closer. We bought the carseat last week, but still need to install the base in the car. The glider, crib, and dresser arrived today, so now we have some furniture assembly to do. Once we get the dresser put together, then I'll be able to get the clothes washed and put away. My bigger issue right now is that I'm seriously considering switching providers, but it's pretty late in the game to find someone who has room to take me. ack!
Vent away, Momma. It sounds like you've had it rough these last few days.
Congratulations!!! : I'll be keeping James in my thoughts.
I'm so appreciative of all of you experienced moms...I hadn't even thought about the buckle on the car seat needing to go between her legs!
For mommas who are having or who have had hospital births, what should I bring for baby's going home outfit? My mom offered to buy one, but I'm thinking it would be much more practical to just use one of the little sleeping gowns we got at the shower. Funny side-note...my mom is a little obsessed with tiny sailor outfits. That's what she really wanted to get the baby for a going home outfit, until I reminded her that this baby is due in October and it could be pretty...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ms. Cellaneous But what gets me is changing positions during foreplay/sex, or any sort of movement at all on the bed, is a major operation for me now -- gotta get the right leverage and sort of hoist myself into place, all the while grunting (in an old-man-getting-up-from-a-chair way, NOT a sexy way!). It's pretty comical. Me too! We actually had a good laugh about this last night. Soooooooo not sexy.
CRM: What great news!!!!! : I remember what a huge relief it was when I saw that little heart fluttering away and heard the heartbeat.
Oh momma...no advice, but lots of s. There was a chance that DH was going to be deployed before I was due, and it was really distressing for me. I'm sorry you're having to deal with this.
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