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We're actually taking the NFP classes. Since I don't have a religious reason to abstain during ovulation, I'll use the FemCap if need be, as that's what I've been doing even though I don't seem to be ovulating yet.
I somehow missed that there were responses. I'm so sorry. If you're interested, you can read about Calvin's birth here.
Our little guy was finally born (at home) 7, March (EDD: 2/23). Calvin weighed in at 11 lb 11 oz and 23 in. So glad he's finally here.
Today is 41 weeks 3 days. I had a few contractions yesterday, enough to make me think things might happen, then I got sidetracked by a sick little one and everything stopped. Today I've had all of two contractions. Grrrrr. So ready to meet this little guy.
I'll most likely just freeze this one and then once we get out of this apartment into a place of our own, I will probably plant it with a lovely tree.
Somehow i never realized i had responses here. Our midwife is Penny Lane out of Thorntown.
Honestly, I used to think that circumcising was a "no-brainer", that it was just something everyone does. In fact, had my oldest been a boy, I'm certain I would have chosen circumcision. Then I watched the Penn & Teller's Bullshit epi about it. Wow. My mind was changed. And it caused me to do even more research that just confirmed what I felt after watching P&T.   Unfortunately, I did have to fight very hard against my husband when we learned we were having our first...
Something that the doctor may not have mentioned to you - they so rarely do - is that just by getting pregnant after a cesarean you are at risk for uterine rupture.   I have a sick kiddo so I willhave to finish my thought later.
We are in an apartment, unlike our last homebirth, and I will probably just mention to the neighbors as it gets closer to time. Honestly, though, at home labor is totally different than in hospital. You may find that, because you're in your own environment, things aren't as bad as you think they will be.
Believe Midwifery located in Thorntown or Lynda Barton-Kirch located near Broad Ripple (just google her). Both are CNMs but NOT medwives.
New Posts  All Forums: