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Thank you for your reply. I'm currently looking for a midwife that will take my insurance but it is proving to be quite difficult and financially we are not able to pay out of pocket for one. I do want to have a homebirth but I am ok with birthing at a hospital if I can find a doctor that isn't trying to push a c-section on me.
Hello All,       I'm usually just a lurker but I thought you ladies might be able to give me some opinions. I am currently 25 weeks pregnant with twin boys. These are number 5 and 6 for me. I had an emergency C-Section with my 3rd and a VBAC with my 4th. These babies are most definitely our last, which means this is my absolute last chance to have the birth experience I want.      Here is my problem. I REALLY want to have a homebirth but have been unable to find...
A pair of bermuda shorts that stop right above your knee is flattering for plus size women. The capri can make you look a little bit shorter. I have always found real nice items at Fashion Bug and they're affordable too!
My LO's poo smells like buttermilk.
Quote: Originally Posted by HybridVigor As a babywearing educator, this bag type sling is one of the things I strive to educate everyone about. Proper positioning of the baby is very hard to achieve in one of these, which causes risk of positional asphyxiation. Here is another link with research: http://www.thebabywearer.com/forum/s...d.php?t=205359 After reading this, I called my sister and she is making me a wrap like the Moby. So...
I am also plus size (not tall tho) and I use the Infantino Sling Ride. My baby loves it. It is adjustable. My DH uses it and he is 5'11" and 250lbs. We bought it at Walmart for $25.
I cary my 3 week old in a sling and everywhere I go people keep asking me why I'm carrying two purses. Then they are so amazed when I tell them a baby is in the sling.
My MIL told my DH that our 3 week old eats too much so we need to put her on Formula
I have read alot about probiotics helping with gassiness in infants. My question is how do you take it or give it to the baby? I've heard there are drinkable probiotics. Is that the yogurt? If I take the capsules, how many do I need to take? TIA!!!
2 weeks PP and I have lost all 20lbs I gained, but haven't quite got my shape back yet. I only have two pair of pre-preg jeans I can fit, but they were a lil big to begin with. Other than that I feel great!
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