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I've been dealing with this for years. I was married for 16 years it took over 3 of those to divorce it was really hard on me and my 3 children the oldest at the time was 8, 7, and 5. They knew we were fighting they were asking about bruises and the yelling so I left. The best thing I could've done I put them and me first. Good luck we are here for support and answers.
Love my crock pot. Great ideas.
I found the perfect kennel at Menards a kennel with 4 cages all attached for only 1300 then doubled it its a 10 X 22 doubled 20 X 44 have built a pole barn over it and they love having their own areas
I would try the Straight Talk home phone It cost me $16.30 per month unlimited I've had it for about 4 months and it works good better than 75 per month with no out of state
I selectively breed my boxers and when I was married we had built the perfect kennel setup.  But 2 years later I'm divorced and have 4 people wanting and have prepaid so I have a litter coming but  I need any suggestions on where to purchase a kennel from.  I bought a petsafe at rural king and the dogs just ate it it was junk.   tina
I grew up with chickens and now have a few acres and want to get some for eggs.  how do I get started do I get them at Rural King and raise them up? If so how long before eggs?  What do I keep them in for protection while they are so little?  Just any info would be great.  I have no idea.  Growing up I just fed them/   Tina
Ok thanks thats what I'm looking for vegetable plants.   Any info is great!!   Tina
I was wondering if anyone knows if Rural King accepts them I qualify this year and know they pay for plants and I perfer their plants to WalMart for the garden.  I live in a rural area around here there is only local grocery stores and Walmart and Rural King.  A lot Rural King has better deals and our local walmat is hit or miss on matching their prices on groceries.   Any suggestions this is my 1st time getting Snap just new to it all.   Thanks   Tina
Check the local food banks both you and DBF will qualify around here you can go 2 times a month.  That will help and for sure food stamps.   Good luck if you attend a church talk to them.  If you have a 211 # in your area try them for help.   Tina
I was wondering if anyone has used them.  I have hit rock bottom the last 2 years going thru an ugly divorce.  No support in over 2 years still trying to get wage garnishments I wasn't able to do christmas last year for them at all because rent and daycare took every dime I had plus extra from my mom and dad.  Then in Feb this year I got laid off I was able to draw unemployment until 11/4 then nothing no 4th tier so I'm living on 500 per month (boyfriends income after...
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