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I am strongly considering the Bengkung (as used in Malaysian Confinement). http://happyconfinement.blogspot.com...mia-intro.html I used a regular post-surgical binder and it was fantastic with helping make me feel like my insides weren't falling out. Thinking of ordering from here: http://www.little-tots-store.com/cat...nal-Binder.htm I can let you know what the overall ordering experience is like once complete if you care to know.
You ladies all look so adorable. I am so HUMONGOUS compared to all of you. Like Megamum, I get shocks, gasps and open mouths when I tell people I'm not due until September. Oh well. It is what it is. My midwife says I'm measuring on point so I'm okay with it. I think those of us with short torsos have no place for things to go but 'out'!
I have gone back and forth between peaks of strength (researching, trying to figure out options, support, etc.) and valleys of pure sobbing over the last few days. I think it's less the diagnosis (or lack thereof) that is eating at me and more a feeling of helplessness and not knowing what I can do for my DD. I just ordered a million and one books, and I am looking into GFCF diet options. I'm in NYC and Columbia has an evaluation center for autism and they are going...
We have a line up of ped, Audiologist, and ENT over the next two weeks. I don't know. Maybe it's all in my head. Maybe having a dx will make me feel better - and allow me to align myself with others that have similar experiences. All my friends have toddlers that hit milestones on time/early and just can't relate to my worry/frustration with having an 18 month old that cannot identify mommy and daddy, or respond consistently to her name, etc. I also think that...
My DD is currently 18 months old. She's a happy, silly little girl who loves to play, smile and laugh. But she has a pretty hefty speech delay. She only says 'Dada' and 'Bye-Bye' consistently, and usually not in context. She has recently started repeating syllables (ba, la, ga, fa) but will babble on her own very sparingly. She doesn't like men other than her father. I mean a total aversion. She can be playing happily, but if any male enters the room - doesn't...
Originally from SC - grew up outside of Columbia. Now living in NY. I do miss the South!!
I'd like to join too! Almost every morning, I wake up and say 'I am going to do X, Y, and Z' but have little accountability. Sometimes I make it, sometimes I don't. Love the star system too.
No worries...I was thinking about how to keep myself dry in the rain. DD is covered I just don't have the dexterity to push the stroller and keep myself dry. I looked up the umbrella holder, but it seems like it's for a stroller with a 'bar' - and we have handles. This is the stroller we have: http://www.uppababy.com/products/product.php?id=8 I had been wearing her up until a week ago in my ergo, but my back has gotten really weak
Thank you, thank you! I've been googling every other odd keyword combination but this.
I saw the little bean wriggling and rolling in an ultrasound, but I haven't really felt anything yet. Lucky you! I wish I was feeling the flutters!
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