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2.5 hours with my first (at home, no epidural).
Weeks Along: 12w 1d Symptoms: I'm feeling pretty decent but still somewhat fatigued. Ready to get my energy back for sure. Feelings: I'm feeling good and relatively happy despite some stress at home. Right before I got pregnant I got laid off so I've been looking for a job. As I get more pregnant the more challenging this will be. DH is our stay at home parent but if I don't get a job here soon he will likely need to go back instead. I get severance pay through November...
I'm so sorry, mama. Sending you love and healing vibes.
I'm knitting a blanket for the baby. I've come to realize that I should have used much larger needles because it's going to end up being one thick and fluffy blanket! Not to mention that it's going to need like 15 skeins to finish it...oh well...I learn a little something with each project I do. It'll be cute and super cozy though. :-)
I'm also starving at night. At about 11pm I'm ready to look for my second dinner. Right now I'm borderline anemic so I've been focusing a lot on getting extra iron and vitamin c in my diet. Not quite as yummy as taco bell, but at least it's good for me and the babe.
So sorry for your loss.
Taco Bell cravings here too. So random! Before I gave into my craving I hadn't had it in years. It was way too good for how not good it is.
Glad to hear you called and can get you in. I hope all is well and sending good vibes your way!
Excellent news!
With ds1 I started feeling tapping at around 12w. With ds2 it was about the same but it was much harder to feel so I doubted myself for weeks.
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