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Has anyone heard of Angel Food Ministries or bought their food? Our local paper had an article about a church in our area starting this service. About $30 a week for a family of four. Sounds promising!
Thank you the diaper sprayer sounds like what I need. :
I started using CD this summer and would use the garden hose to blast the poo off. We just put our hoses away for the fall/winter and now I don't know how to get the mushy poo out. What do you use? I don't think just a scrapper would cut it. Help!
Check out Dr. Bargen at Complete Children's Health in Lincoln. She's pretty relaxed and will take things at your pace.
This has been a huge hit at our house! Love it :-) Thanks gardenmommy.
A Little Tikes playhouse in perfect condition!!!
Anyone have a good but cheap meal idea? It will be a mix of adults and kids. Thanks!
wow great idea!
Does anyone have a favorite yogurt maker?
I too was prescribed Bactrim and nursing. I asked two pharmacists if it was O.K. to take while nursing and they both said no. I decided not to take it and after a few weeks the infection cleared on it's own. Hard decision!
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