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Quote: Originally Posted by Climbergirl No help here But I did want to tell you GOOD LUCK Jill! I have been meaning to email you for local birth info, guess I should get on that, huh? Sedj (APupperMC group) Thanks Sedj! Hope to see you again!
I did readings at my Blessingway, lit a candle and handed out candles to all the guests to light when I was in labor... We had beads in a basket- everyone chose one that was special for them and then added it to a string. It became my birth necklace and later my nursing necklace. We planned to pain my belly cast but ran out of time! This is the webpage http://babychasse.homestead.com/journal.html
I didn't think I'd be so excited!! In 1990 I attended my first birth- then in magical excitement and passionate career drive I continued for 3 years assisting at a local hospital, turned away from medicine and into midwifery- enrolled in AAMI, attended my first homebirth in 1995, then ended up moving- and going to college- and putting bith on hold. Started a pregnancy counseling practice.... Went to grad school, got married, had my own babies, got into health...
My DH had a similar question. I actually was enrolled in AAMI back in 1995 - 1997 ish.... I was studying hard and completed a lot of correspondence work and started doing births, but ended up putting it on 'hold' to go to college, then grad school, then have my own babies... but I want to go back now and I think that the book work I learned there helped me a lot. I'm not sure of all the NARM requirements now and I'm currently reviewing what I need for a portfolio...
Does anyone know of any freestanding birth centers in Northern Virginia staffed by CPMs? I found Marshall Midwifery so far- but it's a little far away. I really want to spend some time at a birth center, working on skills, learning, etc.
There's also API of Upper Montgomery County and API Northern Virginia- both very good groups
there are also homebirth midwives that will do VBAcs xoxo good luck!
Hope everyone has a blessed month of May! Great to meet some other magical mamas!! )*( -Jill Diana
I agree- she is still a baby- (mine is 14 months and acts like this sometimes too) Hug her lots. Use the rocking chair instead of time outs or anger- hold and rock together when she rages.
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