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WOW. I've seen it in syndication... but I had no idea about Kevin Sorbo's and wheelchairs... wow.
Quote: Originally Posted by StarMama I've been reading this thread facinated, so I just thought I'd give it a bump! Hope no one minds! I don't mind. I had a lot of fun reading all this I can't say I'm jealous of all you "future seers," though. My mom, grandmother, aunt, and sister do that and I've never seen it as much of an advantage. I get the occasional, "Oh, this is gonna happen," moment, but it's not the same. However,...
Carrot Juice and Vanilla Ice Cream. Or, some non-dairy equivalent of Vanilla Ice Cream, if that's your thing. It's GOOOOOOOD.
Given who made Bad Santa, I was honestly surprised that it was as upbeat as it came off. I guess it's a matter of context.
I really, really adored The Return of Saturn. I like Tragic Kingdom and Rock Stead. I can't even listen to this new solo album. It's actually painful. I don't get why she's pretending to be 16. :
HA HA HA! *Laughs at all y'all popcicles from the temperate hills of Northern California* I hope everyone is safe, though!! Stay warm!!
Quote: Originally Posted by umbrella Wal-mart has done a lot worse for the communities they're in, than they've given back. I cringe when I see the "see how wonderful wal-mart is to its employees" commercials. I really do. Not allowing bell-ringers, with a reason as well, from what I understand, just doesn't even compare to all the bad that Walmart has done. Regular newsreports about sexual harrassment and discrimination on Wal-mart's part gets...
I'm gonna go against the grain, too. It's just hair. It will grow back. It sounds like your husband had choking concerns--safety concerns. And, while it is a breach of trust to do it behind your back, and you deserve an apology, it's seriously not worth a public fight over.
My sister is my best friend My MIL is awesome. She was a hippy in San Francisco in the late 60's. Now she's a "fabulous" lady in her 50's with a love of painting. We have the same (strange) sense of humor. I just think she rules.
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