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It does depend on the state, and I haven't seen what ours is yet...but the girl in the office told me it's the largest package they offer. It'll be interesting to see because already we get a ton w/ just me pregnant and 2 year old DS... We get something like 10gallons of milk a month, 6 12oz boxes of cereal, 4-5 containers of juice, 8 bags of beans, 2 dozen eggs, 2 or 3 small loaves of bread, $16 in fruits and veggies... and that's just off the top of my head, there's also...
I had mine at 18w2d, and have continued w/ every 4 weeks since. That's what my midwives do for twins. There were some things like the kidneys that were hard to see, but they just rechecked for those 4 weeks later. It wasn't a really big deal, since the same thing happened at DS's 21w u/s... some things are just harder to get good pictures of at that stage. They were able to tell the sex at that point as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by ein328 I thought there was only 1" difference in the seats, in regards to height restrictions? They claim both seats work until 50", but DS has several more inches above his head in the TF then he does in the MyRide.
DS is 31# 34 1/2" @ 2years old and has this seat in MIL's car. I don't like it. He seems cramped in it and he's going to outgrow it heightwise long before he'll outgrow it weight wise, and long before he'll outgrow his TrueFit heightwise.
Saw this from the new messages link but check w/ Public Assistance on medicaid. You may qualify for it, may not, but at the least your kids should qualify for PAChip which means no dr. copays, deductible, or prescription payments depending on the plan. If you qualify for the pregnancy medicaid it will cover you now for the next year. Which should help w/ your own dr. visits and medication coverages. This is available to you EVEN w/ existing private insurance. You most...
Quote: Originally Posted by XanaduMama . Absolutely--go see a chiro I'll third that recommendation!
I've used both the boppy and the breast friend at a size 26. Both worked well, though I do agree the breast friend is more to deal with. I had a hard time doing the cradle w/ the boppy so used it for football hold and used the breast friend for cradle.
Yes, the infant insert that isn't snapped in can be removed. Obviously the car seat cover that's snapped in can't be removed. Regarding the head rest not fitting. Your LO can be more upright at her age she doesn't have to be at a 45degree angle. So that may help. The reason the seat states differently than the manufacturer is that the decision to allow the 3rd slot for rfing was a decision made on the newer seats, but it was made to be retroactive. So if you...
DS has fallen out of his cosleeper, and then out of our bed 3 times in the last 2 years. I was extremely upset at the time, and each fall has caused us to make changes in our cosleeping practices. But it does happen. It's a tall bed and the underneath is storage. The last time he fell out was just a few weeks ago. I was up in the middle of the night, leaned forward to type something and he moved behind me and slid right off the bed. He luckily took my body pillow with him...
Amusement parks yes... Carnivals heck no! I don't care how spotless their record looks carnival rides aren't held to the same safety standards as actual amusement parks. DH has worked at Kennywood for 14 summers. 5 of those in Kiddieland and long before we even thought of having children he informed me our kids would NEVER be allowed to ride carnival rides. I agree with him... I've seen just how flimsy they are.
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