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Congratulations Sharlla! She is absolutely beautiful!
She is beautiful fruitful! As are all your children!
What a beautiful birth story!
I have been checking back but there hasn't been any activity. Awesome weight gain! Sebastian is at 13.5 lbs at 2 1/2 m, exactly doubling his birth weight lol!   How are all of our babes doing? Sebastian co sleeps and sleeps pretty much through the night, waking to nurse maybe once or twice and still sleeps for most of the day. But when he is up for his 6 or so h per day he is all smiles, babbling, blowing bubbles (too funny when he does) and clucking his tongue...
Yay, congratulations lisarenee! 
Congratulations! It is making me a little sad setting aside the newborn clothes & diapers that are now too small lol, but like Frannie he is growing fast!
threelittlebirds, lisarenee, anyone else Im missing? Are you still there or have you met your sweet little ones?
Congratulations, and you are a hero, 14 hours at 6 cm sounds excruciating! Im so glad you finally got to meet your sweet girl :)
Very beautiful picture! Congratulations! 
Nooo, I was going to buy it today and they have completely sold out 
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