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My stepmom bought a metric buttload of candy and handed out one (ONE!) piece of candy to each kid. She *maybe* got 100 kids, I was in her living room the entire time and this is what I saw: -if they didn't say Trick Or Treat they got a plastic ring spider instead of candy -if they were teens they got an apple -if they didn't have a costume they didn't get anything -if they were under 2ish, they got a little sticker sheet Everyone that was in the 'right' category...
I found ya! Thanks ladies, I'll be back, life is crazy as always...you know how it goes LOL E is 3 months old and perfect, she's still on the apnea monitor at night and I'm fine with that, as she still regurgitates a lot and gags/chokes when she's on her back and I do worry that it will happen the ONE time I'm not there and...ugh. Otherwise all is perfectly well, she's the sweetest most laid back baby, totally awesome personality and smiles at everyone! Glad to see so...
I've asked this on every thread that discusses this issue, and no one has ever really answered... What is the fear/worry based on, exactly?
Oh that's priceless! My DD loves to give out candy too, except this year we decided to just go ToT at grandma's (there's less quantity, but more cool decorations on houses etc). When we got home there was one group of kids going by, and she ran up to them and gave them handfuls of her own candy! It was so sweet, and it made her night I so understand, and I think someday when she's older, telling her the story of the peach ghost will be an awesome memory
I'm gonna miss you all! I've been reading, life has been crazy so I haven't been posting much, but I've been here and I love you guys!!! *sniff* Where can we go play together now? LWaB?
If it helps any, my DD is the same age and I have a 3 month old, and we're going through the WORST clingy phase I've ever encountered! She won't go to class at our gym, she won't leave the room I'm in, she won't let me leave the room to GO FREAKING PEE. It's not fun. But, I do know it's a phase, so my only desperate advice is to ride it out. This too shall pass, and one day you'll wonder what happened when they sail out the door to 'hang out' with their friends.
Quote: Originally Posted by MadiMamacita Kids don't jinx bad karma. HMTEP ps, this game is awesome Help me try every potato ANWZQ
Quote: Originally Posted by PoetryLover True to an extent. I know in my home that when I have to wake to supper dishes from the night before and a couple loads of clean laundry to fold/put away, I begin the day feeling completely overwhelmed. Something as simple as quickly washing the supper dishes and folding the laundry together before bed helps a great deal. Of course, the house is never spotless, but taking care of a couple things before bed does...
Quote: Originally Posted by PoetryLover I love this, especially the part about never leaving the house messy in the evening! If I did that I'd never get to sleep!
I'm subbing, we have a 2000 square foot house, so it's not BIG but it's biggER, yk? Definitely taking notes
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