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Ohhh I "squee" too! And you're right. It just doesn't have the same effect in person as it does online. Le Sigh. Essie-"Squee" is a onomatopoeia for that squeak of excitement when you can't contain yourself. Think Christmas on crack with some caffeine...all rolled into one millisecond!
Can I gently be a voice of dissent here? We don't vax in our family. I haven't had a vax since I was 5, DH since he was 12, all of my youngest kids are unvaxed, and we stopped vaxing my oldest when she was 9. I have an almost 17yo son who has been in and out of placements for extensive and extreme special needs. Most often he is in a group home type placement with 15-20 other young men, also with extensive special needs, in one housing unit. Occasionally he has been in...
ITA nukuspot! In fact, my experience has been exactly the opposite. When kids aren't busy ENOUGH they get the wigglesnorts and can't settle, they're bored but can't articulate being bored, they're tired but not tired enough to sleep well (from not being active enough). We try to do one 'big' activity a day. Whether it's a playgroup, or a big walk, or shopping, or library, or swimming or whatever weather/time allow...but definitely SOMETHING, and ideally it happens AFTER...
I'm back to request a chapter on clothing. And to remind GG of my growing adoration for her. How does it feel to have your own fan club? LOL
Quote: Originally Posted by Essie WHAT connection?????? OMG-----that makes me ill. Actually, I think KKK members are mentally ill and I'm so glad it makes you ill too. You have guts to admit that as well. I have to say that a TON of people have KKK connections and 'lineage' in their family tree. It's pretty common knowledge for any 'old family' in the south, that's for sure, and you have to remember there was a time (1920s) when there were six...
Wellllllllllllllll................. A friend posted on my FB wall TODAY that Costco is having a Vitamix Demo THIS WEEKEND. Of course. Good grief. I don't want to spend a fortune on this. But everyone is saying I should, for as much as I'd use it. Nope, no decision yet. I might have to get my lazy butt to Costco, dangit! I'll keep y'all posted
Oh yes, I'm still going strong.... Who can forget the Beatles classic "When I'm 1000000"
There are 10 kinds of people in this world Those that understand binary, and those who don't.
I'm in the middle of this huge "I will WILL WILL stop the clutter NOW" thing, and I agree 100% with what you're saying GearGirl! NO GARAGE SALE. PERIOD. Yeahhh that is SO me! I'd like to add a 'chapter' if I might? If you are holding on to 'important' things that are 'worth something'... give yourself a deadline. NOOOO not a six MONTH deadline, but a 24 hour deadline. As in-you have 24 hours to get this listed on Craigslist, or it goes in the trash. I said...
I think annettemarie does, she's an MDC moderator, you might want to ask her about it?
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