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I'm the one who does all of the sex talks in my house, because I need to make sure that my kids know exactly what they need to know, from me, who isn't embarassed and wants them to be as safe as possible. I'm also that mom who will tell other people's kids the same things if they come to me. Its wonderful that he's so comfortable with you :yep
Why even try to have a baby if you can't agree on the basics? Those are HUGE red flags, and really, its the baby who will suffer from the fighting and potential split that is looming People cannot change other people, and babies aren't a magic solution to keep couples together.
I don't know where you are, but Loudoun has some really good community centers that may be what you're looking for :yep
While I understand the finances, it seems a little cruel to force you to stay in a job you absolutely hate ara I wouldn't get on medication, but maybe set a date on your calendar as your "I'm done" date and explain to your husband that your goal is to make it until that day, and then move on, regardless of what the next step is. That way, you know there IS an end in sight, you can plan better, and you may feel a little more control over the situation. Best of luck :heart
Grammar wars *drool* opcorn
Maybe you can write a letter and burn it or something symbolic, but I wouldn't directly contact the bully.
MC Yogi
Even if you have one of them in a school, that should enable you to breathe a bit more and spend some one-on-one time with each, individually, as the schedule allows. That can really help with your own stress as well as theirs. Have you looked for any mom groups that go out regularly?
You don't like cake? Everyone likes cake... or is that parfaits?
Really, without cake, life is meaningless. Its a good book, very logical, actually ara
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