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ds is 2yo and just outgrew his size 8 shoes, so he's at the 3yo size according to that chart. Looks like he was right along with his age for size though until now.
Quote: Originally Posted by CariOfOz U.S society? not so much, especially as kids get older. I didn't hs my grown sons, but I can imagine getting a lot of weird looks being out with two older boys during school hours. I live in Queensland Australia now and YES : very child friendly! I get the best responses most of the time when it comes up that we homeschool, whether we're grocery shopping, playing at the park or having a hot chocolate at my...
I totally agree! I got as far as student teaching, saw how PS treats children and all of the pointless crap they have to do, and ran the other way! Your son sounds awesome! HS rocks!
ds is going through this exact same thing as well. what has worked wonders for us, is letting him pick where he pees and how I generally word the question. Instead of asking him, "do you need to pee?" I say, "let's take your ball with us while we go pee." His deal is that he's too busy playing and doesn't want to stop long enough to go. Also, we usually have the most issues while we're out around other kids and he's worried that if he stops to pee, someone else...
Thank you so much! I'll see if I can figure it out
Thanks for the reply! I went ahead and got almost a perfect match of wool yarn, but now I'm having another problem that I thought I had figured out before. I'm getting a tube instead of a flat pancake shape. I've looked at other threads on this subject, and have tried everything they recommend, but I'm still getting a darn tube. Help!
I second the playing dead strategy Just put your mattress on the floor and make sure your bedroom is baby proof. Ds used to be just like this and would wake up, crawl around and play for a bit, then crawl back in bed and rub my hair until he fell asleep.
I'm yet another person going insane with their DRD waldorf doll kit. I've figured out how to do the wig cap...with regular yarn. Once I start to try with the mohair from the kit though, I get nothing but a tangled nasty mess. This is so frustrating! Is there something I can do to make the mohair not so wispy and impossible to work with? I'm tempted to wet it down somehow, but I don't know if that would ruin it and make things worse. I was also thinking of...
We just had a traumatic public restroom experience yesterday! Those darn automatic flushers!! Ds has just now gotten the courage to even go into the stall ...although after yesterday we may be back to square one....so I can totally commisserate. Since ds wouldn't even go near the toilet, I started carrying along a travel potty for him. We have this one which ds totally loves. The only thing I don't really like about it is that I'm always having to be sure I have...
5 bucks for one t-shirt would still break my bank. I can get ds his whole summer wardrobe for 5 bucks at our local social service league.
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