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I know there must be some out there. I tried doing a search in this forum, but didn't come up with what I'm looking for exactly. I have a 21mo intact son who has a UTI. I just tested his urine and it came up positive. I have no health insurance and no money to take him to the doc. Plus, I know they'll just prescribe him antibiotics and I really want to avoid those at all costs. He's never been on them, ever. So are there some herbal rememdies, or something I can...
for a period of time in the 2nd and 3rd grade, I insisted on being called "Tom" and then "Steve" . I have an EXTREMELY common and imo boring name, plus I was a huge tom-boy Please don't regret giving your daughter such a gorgeous name. She will surely appreciate it as she grows up and also experiment with it, which I think is a normal and wonderful thing
thanks for the reply! so where do you find all of these kids that have "blown your mind"? are there special groups that get together in your area? where should I be looking? since ds is still so young, I just don't know of anywhere we can fit in, ykwim?
I posted awhile back about my now 21mo son who's an electronic fanatic since then, we've moved to a new town. I've always had trouble making friends, and then even more trouble keeping them, but now with ds and moving and everything it all seems even harder. let me explain...ds is really like no other kid I've ever met. I posted before how he was taking apart everything and putting it back together, etc. Well, now, he'll take apart, say a video player, and use...
I don't know your beliefs on this, but have you considered giving her a pacifier at night? Perhaps she just really has a strong sucking for comfort urge and is wanting to nurse every hour for that reason. My ds did this at this age too, and it drove me bonkers! Then one night my husband gave ds a paci and it worked like a charm! He went from getting up every 45min to an hour, to up every 2 or 3 hours. Even that much more time made an enormous difference!
I wasn't going to cut my son's hair until he asked for it to be cut. I thought that may be when he's around three or four. Well, when ds was 20mo he came to me with his play safety scissors and said "mama, cut hair." He hated how it felt on his ears and neck. He also had just recently seen me get my hair cut, so he must have been motivated by that. I trimmed his hair just so it wouldn't bother him...not too short
I'm planning on giving ds: matchbox cars a couple board books some sweets...maybe an orange bubbles slippers coloring book markers
when I was about 11, I asked my mom for my first bra. I didn't need it whatsoever, but my mom just matter of factly took me to the store, measured me and bought me a bra. I remember trying to get the courage up to ask her for weeks, then being so relieved at how easy it was. I mostly just wanted one out of curiosity. I think I wore them for a couple of weeks, then put them away in my drawer. To this day I still very rarely wear a bra! Granted, the boob fairy never...
my 21mo is going through this as well, and I can totally relate with how frustrating it can be! you make a gorgeous meal for them, and they just spit it right out. My son is so picky, that I've started giving him a multi-vitamin because I literally could not get him to eat anything but cheese and grapes. I've found though now that if I can make something into a consistency he can drink, he'll drink it. He's a cluster teether, and was getting three molars in at once, so...
thanks for the tips! I'll have to check into the feline pine for sure. The omega litter box actually isn't motorized. You just flip it over and it has a built in screen that catches the poo and deposits it into a little tray for you to empty out. I thought that sounded like something pretty easy to do every day. Wow, who would have thought there was so much to know about cat litter!! thanks again
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