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I'm planning on getting a kitten in a couple of months. I've grown up with cats, but they were all outdoors, and this cat will have to be an indoor cat. Therefore, I have zero kitty litter experience. I've been doing some of my own research and think that I may want to try "the world's best cat litter" in an omega self-cleaning litter box. Has anyone here had experience with these products? Can you recommend something better? What system do you use? TIA!
I didn't know the sex of our baby until ds was born. Circ never came up in conversation with any of my family while I was pregnant. Every male in both my husband's and my family are circ'd, so it was assumed that it would be done to ds. Honestly, I had even considered the idea myself in the beginning. I was on the fence so to speak. Surprisingly enough, it wasn't until I saw a program on TV about genital integrity and transgendered babies that sealed the deal for me. ...
I just turned ds ff last week. he's huge. 20mo and 35lbs.
when my little sister was battling cancer when she was about 4 yo, the make a wish foundation sent her and our entire family to disney world for a week. it was amazing! we stayed at the "give kids the world" resort where breakfast and dinner was served. they rented a van for our use so we could drive anywhere whenever we wanted and they gave us tickets to the magic kingdom, sea world, epcot, universal studios and animal kingdom. we all got special passes to wear so we...
ds loves his baby legs! he recently picked out a fairly feminine pair with flowers, but he loves flowers so much, how could I say no? he's 19mo for crying out loud! I've gotten some strange looks, but that could be for a combination of reasons. He has long hair, a very boyish face and wears flowers they're probably just all around confused.
Quote: Originally Posted by EdnaMarie Mine is 23 months and I still help her with her pants. I'm not in any hurry to get her to do her own pants. I know she can pull them down but I'm more waiting for her to take the initiative. I guess what I'd say is that if he's not able to get his pants down himself, you should just help him, unless you're trying to enroll him in pre-school? Why can't you help him pull down his pants when you are out and about? ...
simon says is a great idea! I'll definately have to try that. I'm willing to do whatever it takes. It's so sad seeing the ashamed/disappointed look on ds's face when we put a diaper on him to go out we're so close to being 100% diaper free. we just need to get past this hurdle.
thanks so much for the great ideas! unfortunately we don't have any older children who could demonstrate to ds, but I'm sure when we're with our friends, their children could perhaps show him the ropes for now, I think we'll keep practicing with pants at home. thanks again!
My 19mo son is really doing great with EC. He uses his weeman and potty chair completely by himself while at home. I've always just had him naked at home and that's worked out great for us. He hasn't had a miss at home in a really long time. I was thinking since he was doing so well at home, we could venture out without a diaper. I took him to the park in his thomas the tank engine underwear he loves, and sweatpants. I brought along his potty chair in case he needed...
I found a really cute cupboard and hutch at an antique store for $30 for ds. It doesn't have any "kitchen" elements like a sink or stove tops, but he loves it! I too wanted a waldorf style kitchen for him, but couldn't afford the huge price. Just keep a look out for small furniture at thrift stores, garage sales, or antique stores that would be easy to convert.
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