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Great to hear! His office is very close to my house, so now I just need to find docs for myself and the hubs, a good tailor, an Asian grocery, and some friends! :)
Any opinions on Dr. Eden? I've heard great things about him, but don't know his philosophy or anything. We vax, so we don't have that particular hurdle. I don't want a doc giving me grief for nursing a 2yo though.
We just moved to Providence at the end of August, and I'm looking for East Side mommies, a book club, a pediatrician, free-ish things to do with a 2-yr old, etc.  So far we go to the Rochambeau library story hour on Tuesday mornings, hang out at Lippitt park sometimes, and are about to join the YMCA (not exactly free, but swimming!). We are a car-free, tv-free, mostly veg family and we love to meet people! I joined a moms group on meetup.com and have been to 2 events...
Any chance this still happens but is organized elsewhere? I just moved to Providence and miss my 2 book clubs back in Madison, Wi!
I'm surprised to see so many posting from Yunnan! I lived in Kunming ans Shangri-la in 2010, and we're headed back to Kunming next year with our daughter who will be 2.5. We're not sure about #2 yet, but it's good to have info!
I'm moving to Providence this August and would LOVE to meet some moms.
Where in China are you?  I know of a source for organic veggies in Kunming.  If your city has a Metro, that might be good for big jugs of white vinegar, though I'd guess that if you get the bubbles when you use rice vinegar, you're probably fine.
I registered for the first-time moms event at the JBF, though I don't know how I'm getting there yet :)  I'm allowed to bring two guests, so if you'd like to be one of them and give me a ride, just let me know!  I'm hoping to find used maternity stuff, and probably a few baby things too.  I think it's May 5.
This is silly, but I'm visiting my SIL in a few weeks.  We're in the process of planning our time together and I was wondering if there are any amazing things to do in DC while pregnant.  A huge maternity emporium?  The best massage on the planet?  A weird museum?  I am open to any and all suggestions :)   Thanks!
I'm looking into this one: http://www.babybunk.com/   It's wood and can be rented, which are both huge bonuses for me.  One of us should ask in the cosleeping forum to see if anyone has experience with this one.
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