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Montreal is in a sad state right now. Just a correction, Lesley and Rivka are not DONA instructors. Their course is FAR from DONA. Jessica LeDuc just recently had a baby so I doubt she will be taking clients for a while. I know a lot of the underground midwives I know aren't taking clients right now for various reasons, but dig hard and you can probably find someone. You can at least ask the doulas/ mws you call if they know of anyone taking clients. Try Kimberly...
Montreal is painfully not-stroller friendly. The metro stops do not have stroller/wheelchair access in most places and most of the shops are up or down at least a few stairs. I recommend wearing most of the time if you can.
and bump! Trying to fill this up.
Awww bummer ladies. Big bummer.
Thanks Amy, good luck with your training! Spots are still available in my awesome class. It's being held at the beautiful M'Wikwedong Native Cultural Resource Centre. I've added a new segment on Narrative Healing. Its going to be a great time!
I go to Birthingway College of Midwifery in Portland Oregon www.birthingway.edu and I love it. Its expensive, and its exhausting, really really hard work, but its a fabulous education that is very holistic. I cant imagine doing it with kids, because its so intense but lots of people do!
Bumping one last time, as a few spaces are still open!
I am in Portland, and while there are a lot of midwives here, the demand is ever increasing. Its not like you would never get clients... it can just be a bit more challenging to make a name for yourself. Its a great community though. Being a doula is pretty challenging here, there are A LOT of doulas here. A good way to connect with midwives is to go to OMC meetings, and as mentioned before check out birth support network, etc.
Just bumping this... I know there arent too many owen sounders on here...
Haha Jenne, way to make a gyn exam WAY more awesome. I am headed to Canada for three weeks in july. I will be teaching a holistic doula training, catching up with my friends who are having babies left right and centre(<---am I canadian or WHAT) and visiting my family. Other than that, taking a WELL DESERVED BREAK from school. Awesome but intense. FYI Midwifery school does not make you want babies less.
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