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Can anyone recommend good resources (either internet or books)? We have 4 kids who are fully vaxed.  I'm considering delaying the 2 year shots for our little one (who is 22 mos), and also looking to develop a plan for delaying vax's for our new baby (due in Nov).  This is an issue that has been on my mind for a while and I'm wanting to become better informed. Does it make sense to delay vax's for a little one who, up to this point, has been vax'd on "schedule" (our...
Thanks so much, I added bleach to my last load of dipes.  I think the bleach, plus switching back to our regular detergent, really made a huge difference!  I'm going to try to remember to add the bleach every couple weeks!
I wish I could use bleach but my dipes are all different colors (we use pockets).  That would be so much easier than the whole stripping thing.  I've never stripped in our front loader, so I'm a little scared!    I'll probably start with just a little bit of Dawn (like half a teaspoon or something).  Hopefully it will be enough to strip but not damage the washer!!
Thanks, I'm going to try to strip them!  The stink is so bad it almost knocks you over! 
Lately, when DS has a pee diaper it smells VERY strongly of ammonia.  Does this mean it's time to strip them?  I wasn't sure because they smell clean when they come out of the dryer (I have read that it's time to strip when they still have stink when they come out of the dryer).  They have only been stripped once, and that was probably 3-4 months ago. I also recently switched detergents from All Free and Clear (which we use for our regular laundry) to Rockin Green, so...
Thanks!  About how much Dawn do you put in?
Anyone know how to do this??? Thanks!
Thanks for the suggestion of the micro fleece, I didn't realize there was more than one kind of fleece!  Hopefully I can find some at the fabric shop!  :)
We use pockets and love Burt's Bees diaper rash cream.  A friend had given me a few pieces of old fabric (I think fleece) to line the diapers with, but as ds gets older and eats a more varied diet I find that we need to use the cream a little more frequently.  So I'm finding that we need more liners for the diapers to have handy.  Is fleece the best fabric to use for this purpose?  Do I just go to the fabric shop and buy any kind of fleece and cut to fit the...
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