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To answer the original question, no clue! I'm going through similar things with my kids, too, so all I really have is commiseration. I guess my only suggestion is to have her do chores that directly affect what she finds important. Dirty socks and an unclean room don't affect her, but would wearing unclean clothes to school affect her? 
Hey all! Thanks in advance for taking the time to read! So I fully believe in gentle discipline. We have a really lax household for the most part. My older one rarely pushed limits (a little different now-- more on that later), but my 5 yr old is quite the handful. But I've always felt like he'll even out with time, he won't be a little mischievous sprite forever, etc. The issue is that the kids don't listen to me or DH at all. It's like we're jokes to them almost. Again,...
I love lilypadz. I'm lucky in that I don't leak much past the few couple of months, but I live in lilypadz during those times! 
Don't even get me started on mate-- I have to be careful with it though. When I first started drinking it years ago I loved it so much I got addicted to it and was drinking like 20 cups a day. 
I've been trying to up my water intake too. The thing is, it used to be my favorite beverage and I was almost over-hydrated a ton. But years of nursing and being thirsty all the time has made me almost immune to feeling thirst. It's like... annoying to drink water now if that makes sense. I wish I liked coconut water more because that's one of the best hydrators around. I can tolerate it okay-ish if I mix it with ginger kombucha (my fav) but I'd rather just drink the...
I would love to have a space designed just for rolly babies! And also for my older kids so they can throw themselves around without injury :). We've always just baby proofed our living room space and put up gates. 
odinsmama that sounds so rough :(. Hoping you get back to yourself soon!   Also, kellybeth, LOLing at shredding the yoga mat!! I am also really out of shape but have yet to experience that around another human-- especially one who is clearly not out of shape at all like your neighbor! I've been taking walks with Lou during the day (nothing too high impact) but it's been so muggy here that I come home drenched in sweat and then strip off all my clothes and plop myself...
cry it out :(
I hope everyone finds moms they really connect with . I know I've posted this before, but finding like-minded mama friends saved my life. I'm pretty crunchy/AP and also live in an area where that is more of the norm... but at the same time I've found that my true connections with women really have nothing to do with some of the AP practices and whether or not we CD or co-sleep or anything like that. It's more... how I connect to their soul. Does that sound super lame?...
1-2 was harder for me. There was of course an adjustment in first becoming a mom, but I just loved the experience altogether. When I had my second he was really high needs and I also had a 2 yr old and I basically didn't sleep for a year or more. 
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