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I've had two hospital and one home births. DS2 was a hospital birth (VBAC) and it was pretty great! As long as you have a solid birth plan that plans for pushy interventions, you should be fine. Some things I'd mention/be aware of: drug plan, asking for skin-to-skin time right after, vax plans, episiotomies (my doc almost cut me without asking until my doula said something), making sure you can birth in any position you want, having baby room in with you, etc. 
I do onesies for the riding up reason, too. It's not such a big deal in warmer months but I really like onesies when it's colder. 
Some kids aren't interested in playing because they're just interested in people and need constant interaction. DS2 falls into that category! It helps that his older brother and he are good playmates... but DS1 also likes to be by himself sometimes which causes fights. I agree that outside time is really all you can do. I know how frustrating it is to say "go play!" and your child looks at you like you're crazy. 
Yikes, odinsmama, hope you guys are doing better!   I try to stay on top of "world events" or whatever but sometimes the news is just TOO DEPRESSING and I end up not wanting to hear about anything. We get the Sunday NYT paper and recently I've been ignoring all sections except for the magazine, for the crossword!
I am also a mom who never liked being a kid so I'm not into kid things! I felt guilty about this for a long time, but then I talked to my mom about it and she felt similar and I seriously view her as the most involved mom anyone could ever have, even if she didn't like, play dolls with us for hours! I think there can be a nice balance :).
I think you look great!!! They fit your face really well. I'm a huge fan of bangs. I've had them all of my life haha. I'm actually thinking of growing mine out which is a new weird thing and I'll probably wuss out :).   For those younger mamas, I can relate. I had DS1 around my 25th bday and whereas I didn't do a ton of socializing with other moms, when I did, I felt out of place. It wasn't so much the age difference, even though it seemed vast at the time, it was more...
My oldest wipes (at least!) but hates flushing and washing his hands. Do you believe in a rewards system? Like, if she wipes she gets something. We have a helper chart thing and do stickers-- but that was put into place when we had a baby and I needed them to help out more around the house. Once they get 10 stickers they can trade them in for something. But I have to say that I would be pretty firm/stern about the no wiping thing. I'm a very gentle parent with discipline,...
I may be biased, but this group has some gooood lookin' babies!!   LOVE the pumpkin hat!
The foot has to be in my armpit. Or kicking. The armpit is better, I guess. 
EBF with every child-- first one was 15 months (caught the egg and conceived), second one 11 months and DS3 is now almost 7 months and nothing yet. I feel like it'll come back sooner again maybe but PLEASE give me a little more time! I love not having a period.
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