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Lou doesn't have any teeth either! He's 6.5 months. My older two didn't teethe until later--- I actually forget when they got their first teeth! Haha. But more like 8-10 months I think? But that runs in my family. But Lou seemed to be soooo intensely teething about a month ago... so it must've been something else I guess!
HoP I hope this doesn't sound creepy but I'm sort of obsessed with your baby! Such a character!!!! <3
Hey mamas! OMG sgsnyder! Your babe is so advanced! Lou will be crawling soon... but I'm kinda hoping it takes him awhile because once a baby gets moving what you thought was hard/busy gets to a whole new level!   kellybeth, my middle son had intense separation anxiety until he was maybe 1.5. It definitely wasn't just a stage for him as it is for most babies. But, yeah, it's hard to deal with. Nothing worse than handing your baby off to what you think is a trusted person...
Aw, thanks!
  Lou at 6 months! Loving all these babies!!!
Hey everyone! Jenny, I'm glad the sleeping thing is getting better.    We have one more week til school starts for my older kids and it can't come soon enough! We're in the middle of a heat wave and my oldest hates the heat so outside play is out right now :(. As much as I'm a little sad my older dudes will be away from me for a good part of the day... I also am looking forward to just baby time. I think I will be a lot more sane haha.
Good for you, mama!
You are the mom and you are the boss. I know not everyone feels this way, but compromise is out of the question especially when you are a first time mom. Your partner should know that and get used to it (and so should his family). Your gut is telling you not to go, and that should be enough. There will be many many holidays in the future that you can spend with his family. If they really want to meet the baby right away, they can come to you. 
I'm so sorry, OP. I've been there and am back there now too in some ways as I have a 6 month old! But my husband has always been very understanding. I'm sorry that yours isn't. And yeah, he has NO IDEA. Even mine really doesn't have an idea of what I go through on a daily basis, even if he's sympathetic. I feel like I've had two separate careers of being a SAHM. When my oldest ones were born through 2/4 (then I went to school) and now I'm back to it. What made me feel...
I haven't been on the site in a week and the first thread I see is this one and I got really excited! ME TOO LADIES ME TOO!!!!!    I'm trying to parse out if co-sleeping actually sucks with this baby or if I'm just not remembering how it *really* was with my older two. I swear I used to be able to sleep through nursing, they would wake up, latch on, and everyone was happy. But this dude is so squirmy! He's on and off all night and has a really intense latch and I'm,...
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