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Teles, hope you and everyone get better soon!!!   odinsmama that's happens a lot here too :(
Jenny, you poor thing. That sounds so rough . And to piggyback onto what Dia said, is there anyone in your life who has even so slightly hinted that they would be up for watching your babe? I didn't have any help with my first, and it was only when I made mama friends that I started to accept help because I would help in turn. Living on 1-2 hrs of sleep would make anyone feel crazy. When I'm feeling at my limit at as a mom I often wonder "where are my women"? It's not...
And yeah, on the sex tip, I highly recommend coconut oil as lube. My sex drive has always diminished when I'm nursing, but less so this time, until very recently. I think it's just that I'm touched out from the teething thing. 
-How old is your babe? Lou will be 6 months next week (on the 15th)   -What's new and exciting? Trying to crawl! And just further developing into a more aware baby which is so cool to watch. Now that he can move his body better he just wants to move to his target-- usually his brothers.   -Fussy phase?  Happy phase? Grumpy right now due to teething. For the past few days I can't put him down at all so I'm a little grumpy, too!   -How's...
I'm going to look into the amber teething necklace asap!! Thanks.   And yeah I still can't find any lice but my oldest's head is itching like crazy and we've had a couple of playdates recently with kids who have them. Aaaand my friend (mama of the kids) just had her third a few days ago. So... at least I don't have a newborn and older kids with lice!? Because I was alone today I couldn't do a treatment as Lou wants to be held all day and I can't bear to hear him...
OMG that photo!!! And I so feel for you. Being alone with a teething baby and a bunch of other kids? The worst :(. Last night Lou bucked off the nipple super hard (while still being chomped on) and I screamed and seriously thought he had torn my nipple off. That can't happen, right? Right??!!! At least my husband is in town, but won't be home til way after kid bedtime and I'm really dreading the rest of the day. On top of it, I'm pretty sure my oldest has lice! Good times.
I feel like Lou has been teething for two months now! With no teeth yet. But it's really ramped up the last couple of days so maybe it's gonna happen soon. Poor guy is the grumpiest/fussiest he's ever been and I'm feeling a little insane . Currently counting down the hours until DH gets home and I can hand him over! 
buko that's super upsetting and sexist-- I bet if your daughter was a boy you'd get "needs fatting up comments". So odd.    Lou (at 5.5 months) is now 18 lbs and 28". I thought he was gonna be high up on the weight charts but nope he's average, but he's super tall! So funny. And he only nurses on one side, too. I think my older two didn't start nursing on both sides until they were older and more active. 
Thanks! We have started using protection just in case. I got pregnant with DS2 with the first egg ovulated after DS1 so I'm very aware/scared of that happening again. Though if my sex drive suddenly returns and I end up tackling my husband one morning (as I did that morning many years ago) I'll now know I'm ovulating 
I'm really scared that I'll ovulate earlier this time, before DH gets in for the V. With my older two it was 15 and 12 months... so it seems like my cycle will come back earlier again this time, too? 
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