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Well, we'll try this. http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1393933/the-fertility-challenged-one-thread/0_30
For all those for whom getting and staying pregnant is not as easy as we thought it would be. Whether you're doing IVF, IUI, injectibles, other meds or just trying on your own you are welcome here. We all have different struggles, but somehow sharing the ups and downs with others makes it easier to bear.
Laggie - That sounds awesome. It really sounds like you're on the road! 9 days from now you'll be in Athens!! tracy, anyone - What title should we use? I'm never good at thinking up catchy slogans. TTC this Winter with a Little Help (Clomid, Injectibles, IUI, IVF or any other medical assistance) ??
Laggie - How are things progressing? Does anyone mind if I start a new thread, maybe labelled just ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) so that it would include more people and hopefully get more activity?
Sorry Becky. It's a bad news day. No heartbeat. Everything measuring small. Gestational sac should've been about 15mm. It was 5. I'm working on getting a doc to do an embryoscopy. This is where, before the d&c, they take a direct sample of the bean so you can be sure you're getting genetic testing from the right spot. I have to know. Do I just make incompetent embryos or is my uterus that hostile?
Well I'm going tomorrow for the u/s. Actually there has to be a heartbeat by 5w5d or there never will be. Of course, you have to know your dates exactly and have good u/s equipment. I'll be 6 weeks exactly tomorrow.
Becky - how's the 2ww coming? Are you going to test early? I'm a horrible POAS pusher, so you probably shouldn't listen to me... (We've done all testing possible and have no real answers). AFM - HCG at 1172 today. That's 5 days later. So an official 111 hour doubling time. The docs worried about ectopic, but I'm not. It doesn't feel ectopic to me, just blighted ovum-ish. I really don't want to go in for an u/s now. But I also don't want to risk any fertility I do have...
AAM - Well beta at 542 today. 53 hour doubling time. Always a little low and a little slow. I'm tired. The only thing to do now is wait for the ultrasound. I don't want to do a bad ultrasound more than once. Once is bad enough. So, I'm planning it for a little later when there can be no doubt. I HATE it when docs say, "Wwweeellllllll,,,, it may just be too early. Come back next week and we'll check again." No. Do NOT put me through this more than once. I'm...
PS. You could also ask the doc to check your prolactin levels now to see if the breast feeding you're doing is even having an effect on your chances of getting pregnant.
Well I found this old thread. http://www.mothering.com/community/t/515136/femara-letrozole-while-nursing-ok I think the medical recommendation is to NOT breatfeed while taking it. It is a category D drug in pregnancy. It does appear to get excreted in breast milk but in small quantities. But, it is a pretty powerful drug and I just don't know what the effect would be on a baby. That being said, I'm sure there have been women who've done it and had everything turn out...
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