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Quote: Originally Posted by peainthepod Government workers are incapable of being evil? I fail to see the connection there. Dr. Hare (who co-authored Snakes in Suits) also wrote a book called Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of Psychopaths Among Us. He is one of the pioneers of research into psychopathy, and his research supports the idea that psychopaths are found in all walks of life, across all income and class levels. I'm not asking you to...
I don't believe that overall there are hundred or thousands of people at the CDC who are inherently evil people trying to harm children for profit. These people are generally government workers and, except for the ones at the top, who make government wages. Marnica - Would you describe most of the people at your work as psychopaths? Or, are most people just regular folks trying to do a good job?
I looked up Dr. Sears, vaccine friendly doctors: http://www.askdrsears.com/thevaccine...ly_Doctors.asp and got this name: David Kennedy at: www.PersonalCarePediatrics.org I don't know anything about them (or if it's anywhere near you), but they list vax friendly docs. The other idea is to look for DO's (instead of MDs), they can be more alternative. Also, look for family practioners instead of pediatricians. This will widen your search. Also, post in...
Here's a link from 2008 for rates as low as 3 years old: http://www.thoughtfulhouse.org/tech-...ies/autism.php If mercury was the sole cause, autism diagnoses would have dropped significantly. I'm not saying that mercury is a great thing and I'm going to go inject my kids with it, I'm saying there doesn't appear to be a 1:1 causal relationship. I'll look for more links.
FWIW, I'm not vaxing my kids. I don't know what causes autism, allergies, etc. But, I come from the "first do no harm" school. To me it's a risk benefit analysis. As a counterpoint to your argument, perhaps the CDC knew thimerisol in and of itself is dangerous, but they did not know/didn't believe (maybe didn't want to believe) if the vaccine schedule itself was dangerous. We're all exposed to toxins everyday in our post industrial world, but how much can our body...
Alright, I know I'll start an argument (debate?), but mercury has been steadily been removed from vaccines, but the rates of autism have continued to rise. There's another post on this board which shows an appearant concientious study showing no link between mercury and vaccines. Also, I'm not a conspiracy theorist. I think that if more than 2 people know a secret, it's not a secret.
This is always mind boggling to me. How is 16 oz of cow's milk (for instance) better than 16 oz of human milk? That would be my question for the doc.
I don't have a lot of ideas, but I had to respond. It seems most kids at that age have worries about death/injury. It seems normal as they fully realize mom can't solve all the problems in the world and bad things happen to good people. It's a tough concept for adults and tougher for children. Also, some levels of anxiety seems to maybe be genetic. I think you should look back and see what worked for you when you were her age. Did the child psychologist work? ...
The Dr. Sears Vaccine book is very straight forward and seperated out by each vaccine by chapter. It's actually very pro vaccine, but it really convinced me not to vaccinate. It showed how rare the diseases are and how serious the side effects of the vaccines can be.
We've never had aything like that and we never vaxed.
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