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I don't have a lot of ideas, but I had to respond. It seems most kids at that age have worries about death/injury. It seems normal as they fully realize mom can't solve all the problems in the world and bad things happen to good people. It's a tough concept for adults and tougher for children. Also, some levels of anxiety seems to maybe be genetic. I think you should look back and see what worked for you when you were her age. Did the child psychologist work? ...
The Dr. Sears Vaccine book is very straight forward and seperated out by each vaccine by chapter. It's actually very pro vaccine, but it really convinced me not to vaccinate. It showed how rare the diseases are and how serious the side effects of the vaccines can be.
We've never had aything like that and we never vaxed.
We moved the kids to the crib at 6 months and 4 months. It just worked better for us. That being said, they never were comforted by a mobile. But, my son did have this projection thing that had music and projected a slow moving scene on the ceiling. He did seem to like that.
Another idea is a sippy cup of juice or another rare/favorite beverage. But, they can only have it in bed.
OT: But can I join? Here's the link to my chart. http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/21b89c This is only our 2nd cycle after AF came back. We had a lovely 14 months off. We're thinking we'll try for #3 in the Spring. I'm still nursing DD about 4 times a day, so I believe that's why my cycle is way off. I think the LP is about 7 days, but this is the 1st month concientiously charting, so we'll see. Thanks
Here's the product description (the bolding is mine): "For many people, having a large family isn’t a reasonable option. Fortunately, medical science has ushered in a new era of family balancing where couples can determine their baby's gender. The Revolutionary Science of Sex Selection guides prospective parents step-by-step through the maze of options currently available — from the unpredictable (and now outdated) timing method, to highly effective sperm sorting, to...
You know your daughter best, but maybe she really is ready to give up her nap, even if you're not. You may have to make quiet time worth her while. ie, a juice cup or something else she never gets, but she can only have it if she's quiet in her room. Would you be willing to give quiet time in front of the TV? The only time DS gets TV is when I'm getting his sister down for a nap. Since it's rare, he's more than willing to just sit there quietly. Have you tried...
I can't believe this one hasn't been mentioned yet: "If you let that baby into your bed now, they're never going to leave."
Have you checked out your local library? Ours (and many others) have short classes once or twice a week for 1/2 hour or so that the 3-5 set can go to. And, the best thing is their free! We opted out of 3 yo preschool, but that's because I'll be going back to work full time next July and he'll be in all day daycare then, so I'll enjoy the time with him now.
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