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Oh geez I just realized I posted the same photo twice. And that, ladies, is a good indication of just how freaking tired I really am. Red hot mess over here.
Tooth seven and eight?? We are still working on number 3. And it has been giving us fits. I bet Iris changes completely when her mouth stops exploding with teeth. Poor girl! That's so much bone moving through bone in such a short time.I have no idea why they think it's funny. Maybe slapstick comedy has it's roots in babies.
I love aaaaalllll the foooood. My mom only has photos of me at my chair because that's the only time I sit still. For the fooooood.
What is that top carry called? I love those colors, that is such a beauty. Grey and teal. Yumm.
Bug life.
Lol. What a relief, have some good dreams for me!
Oh that is so beautiful! What is it? Looks so smooshy.
Cynthia- It just occurred to me as I was washing avocado off the tray that a dose of avocado oil may well condition your wood floors! Avocado dessert with every meal!!
Preparing the mortar for bricking later. There's still time resque, my kids still manage to get food in their hair and floor and they are 6 & 8.
I've been wondering if dried banana or dried egg yolks would work better to hold bricks together. I'm thinking the egg... We had linoleum floors when the others were small, now I have painted plywood (classy, I know) and it doesn't like being scrubbed at all. I was thinking of just an old bath mat that can be washed easily, then I dont have do any more scrubbing while bending over- my knees and back have had it.
New Posts  All Forums: