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Quote: Originally Posted by catters Exactly (and everything else you wrote as well). I am AMAZED at how judgmental and militant people can become over the "right" way and "wrong" way of parenting. Oy! For real. What difference does it make if a high chair and sippy cup are AP or not? Is someone keeping score for this somewhere? Do what works for you and your kids and don't worry so much about whether or not you're accommodating a...
My DD loves Sophie... but DS re-named her Rio. Why we like her: * DD could hold her by herself really early on, at about 4 months. It's easy for her to hold onto now at 7 months * Lots of places to chew: Legs, horns, neck * DD likes the squeakiness * She's big enough to be easy to find around the house (ours moves around a lot), but * She isn't prohibitively large. She is overpriced, though. No doubt.
It's awesome that your kids like doing this and that you're delighting in it, but... it's totally normal.
Thanks. I'll switch to water and see if it helps, and I'll pass this along to my DH.
Hey there! DH and I are confused here... I thought that you were NOT suppposed to open the labia to wipe; he thought he was supposed to. Does anyone know? Of course I'm talking about standard pees/ poops... not blowouts where poo actually does get up where it isn't supposed to be. DD is seven months old and has some white stuff in there that I happened to notice this morning. Doesn't smell like yeast; daycare provider doesn't think it's yeast either. What's...
Time-out is not in line with a true Montessori environment. I really wish Montessori would get itself copyrighted... it's this kind of thing that gives it a bad name. Get your child out!
Both of mine went to daycare at 5 months after having been nursed for every nap. Within a week they were both napping just fine without it. I am always amazed at how adaptable they are... they have a whole different routine there and they just sort of work it out. I still nurse DD for naps when she's home. I don't know, however, how that might work for an older baby. I honestly think your DC may have few rough days, then will adapt.
I don't see how you can be "too late"... ??? Your child will have to eat regular food eventually unless you plan to come to the dorm to nurse. It's frustating how these guidelines keep changing. My DD is almost 7 months and has only had a little cereal and a little banana. She just isn't interested in anything else.
Quote: Originally Posted by journeymom I'm not sure who Lola and Lotta are, but I wondered the same thing about Frances the badger in Bread and Jam for Frances. The whole family has time for a leisurely sit-down breakfast, and then Frances has time to skip rope at the bus stop. ... and I don't know who Frances is, but I've thought the same thing about the Cat family in the Richard Scarry books. They clean their whole house BEFORE school and...
Sounds like they probably had an incident with a child that age and made a blanket CYA rule is response, maybe to avoid being sued. Who knows... that is crazy, though.
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