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Thank you all that replied! We have decided to stay in TX for now. And we are in a safe, SMALL town renting a house for cheap!
My hubby got a job in Carson. I have NO IDEA where to look. The Dr. he's working with is in Redondo Beach. We have 4 kids, so need a decent size place and neighborhood. He said to look in Torrance, but I've heard mixed things. Any suggestions??? I care most about nice neighborhood, maybe schools (we go back and forth on homeschooling) and things to do with the kids, oh and not too far from Carson (we have 1 car at the moment, hopefully that will change soon)....
Thanks mamas. I still can't believe it! I was a great labor and an amazing moment for dh and myself when she came sliding out into his hands!
I haven't posted in a while, but wanted to come back and let you all know we had a baby GIRL on Wednesday morning at about 4:50 am. She weighs about 9 lbs. She was born after a 20 hour labor (short for me) unassisted. Daddy caught her. After 2 c/s, and a traumatic VBA2C in the hospital, this has to be the most amazing experience of my life and very healing for my family. My hubby is on cloud 9 and I am in awe! I will let you all know when I have the birth story up.
Quote: Originally Posted by fourlittlebirds Also -- and please don't take this as being dismissive of your perspective of your situation, I just have a different one -- although my child does not consciously remember the events of his birth, it nonetheless affected his psyche and body and development, both directly from the way he was born and handled after the birth, and indirectly through my trauma and subsequent depression. I totally agree!
I emailed my friend and she can't right now. She said it's a pretty crappy atmosphere there right now. : I didn't think of Stephanie. Laura is right, she's an option!
Quote: Originally Posted by brendaziz Ugh- this is the one huge thing that bugs me about most birth interventions. Causing a problem and then fixing it is NOT a reason to toot your own horn! My best friend thinks that all doctors are Godsends and is sure she would've died from her blood loss had she had not the amazing docs to fix everything. I don't think the thought ever crossed her mind that they might've been the problem to begin with I'm having...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mama Dragon Also, if there's a doula there, it's not a UC I disagree with this. I know someone who might. I'll contact her and ask. PM me, let me know where in AZ you are, how far along are you, etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by fyrebloom There were two stillbirth stories in the UC birthstory thread that *might* have ended differently if they were in a hospital, but medical technology doesn't always assure a happy ending. In the USA we have the highest infant mortality and maternal mortality rates of almost all industrialized nations. If you were able to read the stillborn birth stories here I challenge you to read the birth stories from the safe...
mama. Healing from a c-section while your baby is still in NICU and pumping! You are amazing! I didn't heal as well w/my 2nd c-section. I don't have any advice, but to rest, rest, rest until you can get it checked out.
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