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Well, after Saturday's trip to the Goodwill, I took some time off to catch up on freelance work, and keep up with the kids activities. This is the first week off of school for summer vacation. My little helpers are in full force helping me de-clutter.    So far today, we purged:   3 grocery bags of expired spices and oils from the kitchen. My cabinet looks great now.  2 canvas tote bags 1 tin box 2 baseball helmets that my dad gave my kids and they never...
Added   13 children's clothing items.  2 large boxes of Mega bloks that have got to me 200 pieces at least, but I'll count them by the box   Finally got everything from the past week and a half into the car and delivered to the Goodwill this morning (well, except for my son--I'm keeping him).    89/100  
Wow--that is great!
Yay! I'll join. Thanks for starting this I've been on a tear this month, but I need to stay motivated!    Today I am focusing on my garage.   I've got one old cow mailbox that my husband was going "to do something with" three years ago 2  canvas bags I collectible doll (yes, I have strange things in my garage) Three pillow pieces that go with an infant car seat we no longer have A tin box  2 containers of chalk paint A bunch of empty wipes containers...
Looks good!
When we moved, we had one large truck and the quote was around 3,000 I think. We did have some appliances in there too. 
I did a lot of running around yesterday, so I didn't get too much done. Here is my list so far for today. I'm hoping to add to it. DH and DS1 are on class trip to Washington DC today.      Packed lunches, made lunch, dinner, etc. Cleaned litter box Wrote 2 articles Took out garbage Helped DS2 to pick up his books Helped DS2 to change his bedding Sorted and filed the first batch of  DD's end of school papers Dishes Exercised 20 minutes Vacuumed...
That seems like a lot of money. How many trucks do they need? Can you save $ by packing yourself? 
My done list for today so far...     Took daughter for skating lesson Worked at home for client for 5 hours Cleaned litterbox Two loads of laundry, washed, dried and put away Decluttered one magazine Homeschooled preschool for one hour Walked for 50 minutes
Wrote several short articles Matched socks (now of the great things about summer coming--less socks) Gave youngest a bath Cleaned the litter box  Sent and replied to several emails concerning summer schedule stuff Started one load of laundry Folded and put away another load of laundry Did dishes   I have an hour left to see what else can be done--probably book reading with my son and maybe swishing through the bathrooms.      After school I have...
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