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I don't feex neighbor kids because they have a home close by. Most of dd's friends don't love on our neighorhood though and we tend to be the go to place for dd's friends because they like not being bothered by siblings and it does suck sometimes. I love fostering the long-term friendships but one two of her friends come from families where the kids rarely get carbs or treats and they don't know how to self regulate so it is very frustrating to have to choose to either...
The doctor who did my pre-natal care and delivery was a male and if I ever had to birth again I would definitely use a male nurse-midwife in a birthing center.  I have noticed that when men go into a woman dominated field they are typically very passionate and competent at their job.
If you are having to spend $25 a month on your dd's pads I suggest calling a pediatrician or gynecologist to talk about the flow.  A heavy flow that lasts more than ten days is something that is cause for concern.  They were very non-invasive when my dd went in.  My dd was having extremely heavy periods when she first started them and even then we only went through two boxes of the tween pads.  Once she got used to using pads I was able to switch her over to regular sized...
My dd is 11 and our family friend, a boy, still sleeps over.  I think I would look at the situation not the age but my dd isn't interested in boys in a sexual way at all, she still finds this topic disgusting.
I suggest talking to him in about what he can do in each of these situations instead of walking away sulking.  My dd was certain she was being bullied in kindergarten whenever she didn't get her way and role playing and talking about how the other child felt and what the other child wanted helped her gain the perspective she needed to be happy in school and get along better with friends.  There were times she was truly bullied but for the most part teaching her how to...
Me !I think that as long as children are well read and has had the opportunity to develop their writing in ways that interest them it is very likely that they will pick up formal writing and editing quickly once they are exposed to it. I don't know that the same holds true for children who aren't well read though but in those cases I think even with formal writing instruction it would be very difficult. I really don't know that I would classify my dd's experience as one...
That would be late first and early second around here. By late second they begin into one page research papers with support doing the research part. The state used to do a writing assessment at the beginning of the year in fourth and there were expected to know how to write a good paper with a clear beginning, middle, and end from a prompt they got at the beginning of the test and no support.
When my dd had strep the first time she had weird symptoms mostly in the evening when her energy crashed. She'd get a slight headache but she didn't get a sore throat at all. Somebody at work had a child who's symptoms presented the same way so I had her swabbed and it was strep.
He sounds normal for a four year old, it's what I remember as the hardest part of four and what I experience at work with the three and four year old children in my class. Even if it isn't normal chatter I suggest you take a long day to yourself before implementing any changes. I have found that this is usually more effective for our relationship because usually I am the one with the issue not dd. Even when it is dd it still helps me approach the issues more clearly.
Having my ex cancel because he isn't feeling well the one day a week he sees our dd is my biggest pet peeve at this point. The financial burden also sucks now that I make just a little too much for assistance but barely enough to scrape by. I do enjoy making decisions about parenting myself and not having to focus any attention on an ex I can't stand. For family pictures I took a picture of me and dd together. We are a valid and normal family.
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