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My dd goes to bed around 8:30 every night on weeknights. On weekends she can go to bed whenever she wants, typically that is around 10 but occasionally later. She gets about 10 hours of sleep a night no matter what time she falls asleep.
I think juice is the worst, especially juice boxes because it doesn't offer the full range of nutrients fruit does, it's often sugary even if there is no added sugar, and it's typically very high in calories compared to the fruit people should be eaten. Lunchables are also one of the worst,imo, because they contain three items that could be categorized as being in a recognizable food group but they aren't at all healthy. I had never heard of Mac and cheese being...
I would call cps and report her. That is so inappropriate and crosses so many boundaries I would be seriously worried that she is a pedophile. Co-sleeping with a baby is one thing but with a school age child the first day you meet them is suspicious. I'd also go straight to court and get it in writing that he is not to allow something like this to happen again.
I work with children and pee does stink. It's especially bad after it sits a while. Pee on concrete, animal or otherwise, is especially bad.
Maybe get some bedroom foreplay card games that give different ideas and tell him you want to experiment with different ways of being turned on. This worked well when I was married and we both got out of the box ideas that made sex fun. I'd go in for a thyroid test because I was having incredibly strange symptoms and it turned out to be my thyroid. I also went for a pap smear and they found some abnormal cells that they are watching at this point. I was at very low...
I think it should never be encouraged at any age. Urine smells disgusting and the scent is hard to get rid of. It is also just a disgusting habit. Where I live they can ticket you for exposure after age ten and after age 18 it is indecent exposure plus life long registery as a sex offender depending on whether it was done where a child could have seen you. I don't agree with life long registration but the ticket part I am fine with if it is done anywhere others can see...
I don't think cooking and cleaning up a bit counts as raising children or as doing most of the chores. I'm surprised so many people expect so little from their children. Maybe it comes from being raised by a mostly single mom and being a single mom myself though. In my family we all pitch in and it I don't see this as abuse. I'll just chalk this up to the difference between married parents and single parents and thank my lucky stars that I'm single.
I think that is a little extreme.  I did a lot of those same tasks when living at home with a family of four when I moved back in as a single mom and they weren't time consuming or unreasonable even when I was working on top of that.  I don't think it is asking too much of a seventeen year old to cook dinner every night even if they do take an hour to make.  At seventeen many kids either have jobs or are about to get them and move out.  I would absolutely love a situation...
I'd move my dd to our neighborhood school so she could be bussed by school before and after at the district's expense, we'd walk to the grocery store and bring her old wagon to cart groceries back, and we'd vacation somewhere close to home. I already walk to work and we rarely go across town for anything. I'd probably also petition harder for better public transportation.
I think that's incredibly disgusting but it's also a good reminder to wear flip flops at all times in public gyms. I also don't touch walls in public when I can help it because I know some men and boys do pee on them (I had an ex who did all the time). I taught my dd young to always use the restroom but you never know what they will pick up from friends.
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