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a friend pointed this wrap out...similar to a moby but with slightly different fabric....I'm thinking it probably more like the gypsy mama bali stretch.... the reviews comment on it remaining cool in hot weather.... and if its soft, has a little stretch and is cool, its exactly what I'm looking for....plus they have nice colors... anyone tried them?
Hi Brigitte lol. Its a small world, huh!?
thank you girls! very helpful....I have a shorter torso so I'm wondering if the babyhawk will be too long? I am curious why some people don't feel that it fits them well.....hmmm. another question to post I suppose! lol.
Ok, so I was all set to buy a babyhawk, but saw someone mention a catbird baby and now I'm so confused..... are they essentially the same? It almost looks like the babyhawk might be longer in the body? Does anyone know? the catbird almost looks like the body part is too short.....but I have never seen one IRL.... any opinions? thanks girls
great job!! I would use it too was it very hard to make?
Looking for my first ring sling....and I'm not really sure where to start.... there are so many that look great....so I'm wondering what you all use/love. I was recommended to look at the maya lightly padded....and ellaroo lightly padded....can someone describe the fabric on the maya?? I can't tell from pics...is it soft? and is the padding in the shoulder a must in your opinion?? are they all pretty much light weight if I want to use in the summer?? So far I am...
Hi So I'm on the hunt for a wrap....preferably one that is versatile, comfy & soft for newborn, cool enough for summer and ok for a novice wrapper.... I know the moby is good for novice wrappers, but hot in summer...then there's the gypsy mama stretch.....which I'm considering since people say its a bit cooler than the moby....but I really love the look of the didymos.... any advice/opinions?? TIA! Nikki ps--would you spend that much money as a novice...
Jen!! lol. I know, I am being VERY thorough I am so excited about all this babywearing he he. Glad you are here too!!!
Rachel, thank you. since you have all of them, are any best suited for the newborn stage? and did you use the babyhawk in the summer specifically b/c it was cooler than the other two? or did you just have that one at the time? TIA!!
awesome, so helpful! I meant to mention that I am due end of April...so are they both ok for the hot summer months? (I will have other carriers too though...)
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