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Primacare One - Rx, they are total horse pills, they make me gag every morning Vinate - It's a generic Rx. if I'm so nauseaus I'm afraid I'll throw up when I take the Primacare. They are smaller and don't have as much iron, so I also take them if I'm constipated. So I go back and forth between those two.
I know it is safe, and we had sex during our previous pregnancies. But I miscarried my last pregnancy at 6 weeks, the day after Valentine's Day when we did it. Hands off for hubby until the 12 week point this time. We will have to be creative with other intimacy!
Due Date: March 1, 2009 Birthplans: Hospital birth with nurse midwife. I will deliver naturally with no meds. Other kids/ages: Two dear sons, just turned 4 and 6 in June. One angel m/c Feb. 08 at 6 wks. Gender?: I don't care as long as my baby is healthy. We have two sons, so a girl would be nice, as this will be our last baby. But I have tons of friends with three sons, and boys run in my husband's family, so we'll wait and see. We never find out at u/s and...
I have two sons ages 4 and 6. We had a m/c in feb. 08 at 6 weeks and are now due March 1, 2009. Still cautious with this one until I reach that 6 week milestone. LOTS of symptoms this time, and my hormone levels tested good with bloodwork so far, so let's hope for a sticky babe this time!
Due March 1, 2009! Had my first OB appt. yesterday. So far, so good!:
Please keep us posted on your next HPT. That faint line is annoying, isn't it! I also had a miscarriage in February, so I'm really nervous with this pregnancy as well. I have strong symptoms so far, but I know I will become even more ancy as I reach the point where I lost the baby before. I'm going for weekly blood draws to make sure my hormone levels are okay. My progesterone was only 2 a day before I had the m/c in Feb. When they checked it last week at 3 weeks...
It is good to have some company on the March 2009 board! I am due March 1, so we are very close!
I am newly pregnant. Just got BFP yesterday at 9 dpo. I took the HPT before I even missed my period due to strong pregnancy symptoms (nausea, sore bb's, tiredness). This is my 4th pregnancy. I have two sons who just turned 4 and 6 this past week. We had a m/c in Feb. at 6 weeks. So here's my question. I went in for bloodwork today to check my hormone levels b/c of my previous m/c and to make sure progesterone was ok. I was just praying it wasn't low again. My...
I also got BFP yesterday and I'm due March 1, 2009, but will probably deliver in late Feb. as my two sons both came early!
I just got BFP yesterday and I'm due March 1, 2009! Yea! Lisa dh Brian, ds Connor (6), ds Caden (4), and angel m/c 2/16/08
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