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oooh. flannel, I agree. really great flannel prints are hard to find but I like it for both dipes and mama pads so much.
please don't worry! i have a cf gene too, but the geneticist told me several genes can cause cf - so not only does dh need to be pos, he'd also have to be pos for the same cf gene.
I want fleece lined (including leg) cute print PUL aio's with lay in soakers just like Little Lanes were. I want cute print pocket AIOS with elastic edging like Zootkitty. And cute newborn fitteds like she did for that matter. I am sure there are some more, but those two would make me really happy.
right before DD was three she got really interested, so we gave her some disposable cameras, which she adores. Supervised, though, she needed help with advancing and with the flash. The developing was $$$ - but we actually got a couple of cute pics out of that. So we are thinking about looking closer at the digital for kids. Sometimes polaroid makes kid-oriented stuff (like the sticker camera?) but I don't know how sturdy they are.
An old thread, but I saw a $20 digital in the kid's department of target the other day...
I heard the Aus. version was better too...unlike the wiggles, who tone it down a little for TV, these folks clearly have a mostly broadway/live performance background so I find them a little much for tv. Though the concept, and leading the kids in dances I like. As a grownup, I like the Wiggles better.
Many women in fertility treatment use crinone, but many of their doctors insist on weaning because of the IVF drugs. Post here looking for nursing and IVF women maybe, LLL has been supporting more woment doing IVF without weaning. Some docs prefer injected progesterone, so crinone is just not as popular. Good luck, for what it's worth, I have used crinone before, but I had no baby at the time. I would be comfortable taking it with a older (i.e. over 4-6 month) baby -...
thank you everyone! That really helps. I did get some kind of good news this week with my pregnancy - I am not worse. So, not better, but for me, not worse is a huge victory!
I've been fine with it, but I agree the apprentice system is a lot different than the medical training system. for one thing, I think they're quicker to admit when they don't know or have a question. I can see some women being more shy or having a better comfort level with one provider that's built over time. Many, many women forgo routine gyn care, and even prenatal care over issues about dealing with medical staff and strangers. I'll talk to anyone, but if I disagree, I...
I use http://www.charitynavigator.com along with guidestar, and http://www.charitywatch.org to find and evaluate charities. The first is probably my favorite.
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