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my experience is the same...first scar keloided, second incision removed the first scar and the second is much smaller. There's more internal scarring with each surgery apparantly (like on the bladder) so not to be taken lightly. But you don't get a new line each time. Unless of course you had some sort of dire emergency and had a classical incision (top to bottom) instead of the bikini.
Call her what you like, and let your family do the same...eventually Juliet Delphine will express a preference. Now, LL, how did that stuff with your MIL work out? I remember when it was happening....
a lot of wahm won't make them becuase they get sexual fetishists asking...but if you have a prior business relationship with a wahm, ask - they might do it, they just don't want to advertise publically. Born to love has a list of companies that do cloth youth/adult incontinence products http://borntolove.com/resources/spec...php3?cat=youth
here's the article http://www.continuum-concept.org/rea...nalStress.html
The one article we (MDC moms the last time we discussed this) found was written by a chiro with no particularly specialized qualification in infant physical development or any other equivalant issue...and I felt it was very speculative. The front pack snugli has been popular since the 70's, even making the cover of the wall street journal - so I felt if chiros were going to see an explosion of hip issues they'd be apparant by now. She did a comparison with an eskimo tribe...
I do choose to dress modestly sometimes, esp in professional or large public settings. But it's for the people (of both sexes) I associate with when it might affect their interaction with me in a way I don't want at that moment. Opinions of anonymous people on the street and their thoughts don't concern me as long as they control themselves. I don't care if they find my feet sexually attractive, or whatever. More than once here at MDC some women have had a great deal...
I wasn't disappointed, since I the whole trilogy greatly surpassed what I expected hollywood to do with such a complex story. but yes, there were huge places that could have been improved...denethor, scouring of the shire, houses of the healing, less pelennor, trebuchets that were more authentic, less frodo/sam conflict - maybe. But overall I'm blown away with how much I enjoyed what could have been a total disaster...even people who've never read the books seem to...
you can pay for expedited service which arrived for us in about two weeks.
YES! Our flu came with sore throat too, dd woke up and wailed for juice, at night. (we never do that...) Orange juice and herbal tea with honey in a sippy interspersed with the nursing helped since we were also sick at the same time, so I couldn't keep up.
an, um. nobody checks the signatures. BIL was in the army and they wouldn't honor the fact that sis has his power of attorney. So I signed the note. He knew, of course, and would say it was his if asked, but we couldn't easily get an overnight package to him. But how screwed up is that...active duty military are required to do all their legal paperwork before they leave, but our own govt won't honor it and makes travel harder for miltary dependents?
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