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I guess part of my concern is that two of mine were not quick scans - the first one in the emergency room was probably 15 minutes long and the one I had today was 20 minutes.  I have nodules on my ovaries that they are concerned about, so they were looking at those, too.  I am really trying not to worry, what's done is done, but the frequency and length of the ultrasounds in such a short time period and early stage of development does concern me. 
I am looking for a little reassurance here, since with my two boys I never had an ultrasound (both were homebirths).  I am currently 8 weeks pregnant and have already had 3 ultrasounds due to bleeding/spotting in this pregnancy and an initially slow fetal heart rate (was 93 at 7 wks, then 104, and 163 today at 8 wks - yay!).  I have a history of recurrent miscarriages, which is another reason they are following me so closely.  I guess I am feeling a little freaked out by...
My sore boobs definitely come and go, as does the morning sickness (which is always worse later in the day for me).  Sometimes I feel perfectly normal and it's hard to believe I am really pregnant, and other times...  It's a strange place to be in when you're actually GLAD that you feel like crap! 
I am also due on 11/22 - didn't realize until I saw Therese's Mommy's post that it was Thanksgiving Day!
I would go with someplace like Fidelity or Charles Schwab.  Low fees, and they don't work on commission.   PS - I do this stuff for a living (financial planner)!
Oh mama, I am so sorry you are going through this!  I just wanted to chime in and say to be careful about jumping to conclusions regarding your husband.  Several years ago, I had an abnormal pap and was diagnosed with cervical dysplasia, which is also caused by the HPV virus.  My doctor told me not to blame my partner because I could have been exposed to HPV ten years before and just now be experiencing symptoms related to the virus.  Likewise, your husband could have...
Thanks, Jamie, and I am so sorry for your loss.  I wish you lots of love and light.   You have confirmed my feeling that there IS a baby out there for us, and I am glad to hear she or he will be coming soon!  I am trying to focus on this positive news and preparing my body to be a healthy vessel for this new life.   Thanks again,   Stacy  
Hi Jamie,   I just had a miscarriage and I am trying to reconcile the feeling I had from the beginning of this pregnancy, which was that there was something missing - like I was pregnant, but there was no connection - no soul.  My question is this: is there a little soul still out there who will be able to make it to us at some point?    Thank you so, so much,   Stacy
Steph, I am so sorry to hear your sad news.  I am sending you lots of light in this difficult time.   I got my second beta back today and my number went down from Friday to Sunday.  This, combined with the empty sac seen on my ultrasound on Friday confirm (in my mind) that my pregnancy will not continue.  The nurse didn't actually say this, but she did say that based on my betas they are "very concerned".  I am supposed to go in again this Friday for another...
Aww, thanks guys, for the hopeful thoughts.  I got an email from my doc this evening and my hcg did go up, so we'll see what Sunday's numbers are.  I guess we're all in limbo here, which is the hardest part.  At least we've got each other!  I'm sending you lots of good thoughts, too, Ms. B!
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